Tour of Duty - The Big House
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 11/7/13 12:30 p.m.

18 - The Big House

Last time on Tour of Duty, Martin led us through a gauntlet of obstacles to destroy Durandal's core. We were teleported out immediately after the objective was complete, but what's our status now?

A somewhat brutal image, very suggestive of what the Pfhor have decided to do to us. Although, how would we survive being dissected? And what is that mechanical stuff?

Only you would survive the fall.

Then again, it could be someone... else? BoB? Are you wearing green? Another thing to note is that this is actually Chapter 6 (VI) not Chapter 5 (V) as the chapter screen says. Odd mistake.

So we were just teleported out from the Boomer. By who? Tycho? If he could remotely lock onto us and teleport us out of there, why didn't he do so before we killed Durandal? Was Durandal somehow using his last [?breath?energy] to block Tycho's ability to lock onto us, and then when he 'died', Tycho had nothing stopping him from grabbing us and dropping us off at the destination of his choosing. When the chapter screen fades, we find ourselves stuck in a tiny cell with a door and a window. The door is locked, and there's no secret doors here either. Looking out the window, we can see an Enforcer with his back to us, guarding the door. A quick look at the map might be in order:

As you can see, it's a very tiny map, and we're just stuck in the little room at the very bottom. The tiny square spot to the north-east (point A on the map) is truly inexplicable: I have no clue how it got there, or what it's purpose is. Any ideas, anybody? As for other interesting map features, this is the first level since Bob's Big Date that has Map Writing:


Strange, as always, but appropriate and kind of cute.

Returning to the gameplay, the first thing you can actually do (and the only thing you can really do) is punch the Enforcer outside the window, waking him up. The next thing you can do is just duck back behind the door so nobody tries to shoot you. Your health is minimal, so if you even take a single hit, you're probably dead. That's not a good thing, as you may have noticed, so try to avoid it happening. Within a few seconds, regardless of whether you punched the Enforcer or not, three BoBs will teleport in. On most difficulties they get creamed by the Enforcers rather quickly. However, three more teleport in all together within a few more seconds. By this point, the Fighters have probably collapsed on them, so there's still a good chance they'll die as well. However, the BoBs keep coming back indefinitely, so eventually, the Pfhor are gonna all be dead. Some of them may even go Berserk rather quickly and help speed the process up. When all the Pfhor are dead, the surviving BoBs will teleport out, and as soon as the last BoB does so, you will also be taken off the level. This whole time you've probably been cowering behind the door, wondering who the hell is trying to spring you from the Pfhor [?prison?prisoner_camp?jail].

Alternatively, you could've been killed by some crazy Pfhor who decided to shoot you through the window. In this scenario, it's actually fun to wait for the battle to finish before restarting. Remember how way back on Ain't Got Time Pfhor This you could actually be killed and still teleport off if your body landed in the final room? Well now something similar happens: the BoBs kill off the Pfhor and then teleport out. When they finish doing that, your corpse is also teleported onto the next level, chapter screen and everything. Mind you, you're still dead, but you do get to have the pleasure of being dropped into a pool of water... while dead. Look on the bright side: at least you're not stuck in some dusty dungeon like those Germans.

Yeah, my point exactly. ;)

In any case, eventually you'll escape the prisons alive. So we're free again. Here comes the classic question: you're out of prison, what do you do now?

Kill more Pfhor!

Now now, let's not be too hasty. Before we kill more Pfhor, we should instead kill more F'lickta! Blake certainly thinks you should.

Huh? Who's Blake?

All your questions will be answered shortly. In the meantime...



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