Eternal X Commentary: "The Manipulated Dead"
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 5/14/08 3:50 a.m.

In Response To: Eternal volunteers: Failed branch in "Prophecy" (pfhore)

Level 27: "The Manipulated Dead"

(Created by Goran Svensson. The title is another Donnie Darko reference.)

You are back on Inti Station, as seen in "The Tangent Universe" and "The Living Receiver". A terminal awaits you.


(This terminal intentionally copies the style in which the W'rkncacnter named Joshua writes in Ian McConville's scenario "RED". Incidentally, I once considered using Joshua's "Organics" as the evil bad guys in Chapter 5, but later decided against it).

The station is now uninhabited, except for terrifying dark shadows with glowing red eyes which scream at you causing damage and temporary blindness. They are immune to all weapons you currently have. Your only option is to run in terror.

(These monsters are of course the Banshees from Pathways into Darkness, which feature again later in Chapter 5. Before I decided to use Pathways monsters in Chapter 5, which made Banshees available for use here, the invisible terrors on this level were just invisible Pfhor, Bobs, and F'lickta).

Eventually you reach the end terminal:


You teleport back to Level 24: "S'pht Happens".

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