Robert Blake's missing implant
Posted By: MrHenDate: 7/30/05 7:29 a.m.

Perusing around through the terminals I ran into the Blake terms and recalled the bits of debate on why Blake never had an eye implant.

From the Blake page:

Stephen goes on to say:

Regarding Blake's lack of an ocular implant, keep in mind that one half of his face is always in shadow. Even if he had one, we probably wouldn't be able to see it. Even if he was without an ocular implant in the terminal pictures, who knows whether they're permanent implants. Maybe only the wire connecting the eyepiece to the brain stem (I think) stays in, and the eyepiece is detachable. Or maybe the wire comes out too. It would be possible to develop a self-implanting and self-extracting device like that if you had access to some sophisticated nanotech.
If Robert Blake does have an implant, that supports Jean-Francois' observation.

Remember in the terminal pics Robert Blake doesn't have an eye patch, in the Chapter screen the right side of his face is in shadow, and all Bobs in the game have eye patches. As Stephen suggests perhaps the eye patch is removable?

Check out this picture of Blake and pay close attention to his left eye. There is a fairly apparent implant in this picture. It doesn't have the huge "patch" that all the other BoBs do, but he does have something there. This would support the theory that those patches can be removed because the implant itself doesn't pop out of the skull.

Personally, I think I can see bits of the implant on the picts with that eye in shadow, but it could just be my imagination. In any case, I don't suppose anyone else has an alternate explanation as to what that little green dot is?

The picture is found on this terminal.

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