Comic-Booky related Evil-Force-In-A-Vial Thing
Posted By: Section 8Date: 5/11/05 7:19 p.m.

Seriously doubt this is the source, but, heck, maybe someone read Marvel comics? (Or someone at Marvel played PiD?) The whole vial and pyramid thing rings a bell.

"Encyclopaedia Olympianna: The Dreaming Celestial"

"Formerly named Tiamut, this Celestial's true name has been removed from all records. He has been rumored by some to have created the Deviant Tantalus. He was once golden in color, until he committed some crime, which resulted in the other members of the 2nd Host turning "the Weapon" upon him, destroying him. This act was witnessed by Valkin and Sigmar of the Polar Eternals, and the Celestials allowed them to take possession of a vial, containing Tiamut's essence. Valkin constructed the Pyramid of the Winds to contain both the Vial, and "the Weapon, and crafted a security program that would notify his nephew Ikaris, should the Pyramid ever be breached. Tiamt's body, now colored black, was placed beneath the mountains of California, unable to move, only able to dream. He became known as both "the Black Celestial" and "the Dreaming Celestial". The Deviants came to believe that the Celestial's crime was creating them, and the priesthood developed an entire system of belief around him. Ghaur hoped to challenge the might of the Celestials by obtaining the essence from the Vial, but instead, the Dreamer took over Ghaur's actions, and tried to force him into freeing him from his vault, but the Eternals and Avengers stopped him, and the essence was re-sealed into the Vial. He recently began a war with Ashema for control of Counter-Earth, and was defeated by Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic. In an alternate future, the Dreamer awakened, and overloaded Galactus' powers so that he would devour the universe, but the Fantastic Four tricked him into being devoured by Galactus himself. -Eternals (v.1)#18, What If (v.1)#23, Eternals (v.2)#11-12, Silver Surfer Annual#2, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23, Fantastic Four#339-340, Heroes Reborn: Ashema, Fantastic Four (v.3)#25

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Comic-Booky related Evil-Force-In-A-Vial ThingSection 8 5/11/05 7:19 p.m.
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