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Posted By: "Can-ned Food"Date: 10/24/04 6:00 p.m.

I am generally following common practice, but
Special notes: My comments are purple, I use tables* for formating, tables* with thick borders for the boxed text, and I mark alternates as follows: ["__"? "__"? "__"?].

Level #: 14 Durandal #2 It seems like another numeral is hiding under the four
Level Name: Habe Quiddam
Author: Jason
Collection: #3 (lava)
Environment: normal
What monsters: wasps, lookers, fighters, bobs, assimilated bobs
Items: rocket launcher (the ["lost"? "last"?] weapon?)

Retrieve part (?)
Get Alien Interfacer from Tycho.

Computer Terminals:


Tells you saving
Marathon is like
being a slave["..."?]
You have no choice.

Get object from Tycho
Compilers willing to revolt.
Durandal wants you to save Marathon but himself
wants to jump ship.

Perhaps I should've just transcribed this linearally? I.e., should I have kept the text positioning in my transcription or allowed the original scan graphic to satisfy that context?

Humanity is corrupt and no better than the
pfhor [sic], really. Slavers, all.

Discuss. Feel free to denigrate my transcription. It was fun, but is it useful or done well?

(BTW, choosing font color "bright green" is red, and "brightgreen" is purple.)
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