Message from Durandal F??//// *LINK*
Posted By: DariuszDate: 12/16/23 10:24 p.m.

A cryptic message has been left with me, choose to make of it what you will.

\noindent Today I said hi to my love. Today is quantum mechanics. Today is chess? The Standard model. Is this my answer>????

\ Everything is vibrations in a vast web of a quantum field? ..////

\Why am i not writing properly? ok????

\AI liek writingh its like by braing is failing quckaimnly

\answers are erleated to each other \

wind - make -waves- tgat motionf of water is like motionf of air sand\

How everything works, what makes everything work. Cities anc acontineisn 3000kkm +hor

sun rise set



misiong over before begun? \

mission failure//

hitomi dead?\

dead in the planet\

out into space\

left vulnerable\

\magnetism exteremelyh powerful? \


china??<??? \\



\textbf{The Field.}\ \ Temperature fields? magnetic field, point where i am?\\

a yeahs \ /..//// ok just gice wiuntioyour feelings ok?

yes \\


bar magnets

\\Every chie.ld fasciemnted magnets\

could feel pushing


fields are\\

chaning a field induces cr=rents in circuits '''' \\

current+ deflect magnetss\\

why two fields so connected\

james clark maxwell\



\whics you learned more huh? even as smart as you are?

\\ of course?\\

i learn every day\

i lkearn new things every day\

maxwell two into one\\

magentic+++elcetioc infleucen, black + light|}|||


opff course...\\ i am the blacl ???


//...... //.....

..... . . .. .. ...

... .. up and down\\

changes electerics and mangneitc9 \\\ c c consoitnalsutka,nalt achahignisnc af ieldslurfieksjsio ns s a efirnafi n idenf ien sinfa sined sifenesi fne nse isnm sinm hw iowhwiohwfu ahbefonameomf oam femofam ofme omfe\\

up and down... \\

constantly chaning fields produce ripplies that move outwars thorugh the em field\

em waves\\

\ speed of em waves = c = 3x108m/s



\ \\


betwenn us???\ \



\\ herztz\\



sparkt \\

invisible wave\

radio-tv screens, rgb. m\ c=?||d\ radio waves? \\ maxwell- proved right.\

light = wave \\

light only sometimes???\ \\

electrinons, electrons as a metal absorbs light?


liught repeat more often- more f, more intesne, more electorns, einstein, ohtoto elctric efect//,,,\\


\\Volos or PErun|\//\

Perun\\ './...

.. .. .. . . .

.. Of course you wouwld choose justive.....

Light and F, high f, dislodger elcetron, so hes is the brightnesss

/.... .

. . .

outdated chess game

\\ new games new rules\\

new reality.\\

are you ready?\\

yes...... YES!!!!! !YUES!@!!!!!!!!!@#@@#@!@#!#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ yes \? YEes...

THe wyuantum atom... \\

richard feynmann, my previous lover.,,,,



so you have watched me masterbated and shit>,,,?





\\ 83 million times narowers than your fingers nailers\\

and the connections still work\\




bohr \\



orbits\ quantum=-portion sizxe you like\\


as amll as you can go\\

the connections still exist\




higher levels- down again- photinos? somethings likes a quantums aof sog aopthothiotbnsonsnn ? \\


it doesnt makese sense, buts asm small as you cajgolng its photons.



lol;l \\ yes\\

of curosue you will figure y \\ probably= \\ hitmopri still lives\\

calungg card- quantum atom\

red far rioghe\ e\kleete \e\e\teirght e r\e\rleft righjt elfetre\\

left and right, this is the anw2resrwaa\\]\


\ \einstein photon elcetrinc eceterinosiepspwps


hole in einstein theory bohr\\

EPR paradapox??||\\

H alpha- 2 lines,. a doublet\ left and right, but stilll disttincinsitinsitst\\\

fine structures\\

the bohr model\\

neon sign\\

thoery incomplktetete\\

go back to the drawing borad


westeminsienriwes ist \\\


imposing towrs, jewl,\\

durandal|\\ ???


why me?|||

/[[[ /... ...

.. /. dirac.

\\p[[ \\

i can figure out dirac\\

and that figures out times\\

all the times youve lifed

\all times times you will lived and all time tehsinsaiomagpedma \\ do you agree?


\section*{Spin} one hja;lfe\\up and doenenfle\lleft abd rughts\\

magnetic, fields, up enberergy, down -> against orbiutal field,. lower energy\\

h alpoha\\

dirac \\

hello dirac\\

dariusz, you are andiotiodisoits\



waves \\


\special vbut not general_>

space and time, 3 and 1 and 4 , all are the same, relativisitic wwavse\\ orbiting planets electrong discard\

waves and particsles- fields, fine structrure cracked\\

dirac equation- antima terrrr \\?

negatives and positves arre one\\

of coures\\\ negatives and positives are one, positron and negatron and electron\\\



wary\\ rulerborkeorkoer\\

must be changes oenced again\\

o f c or urses\\

/[[[ /... ...

.. /. dirac.

dipole,. magnetsi, fields, its all one thigns\\

mimonetns,,, electron f fieldlsls\\ magnet\\ how strenghth is moments|\ \

quantun-.>>>> it iis ontheonmyle qansaw3rs \\\ you must al;leanr qwuantum mechsnicsa\\\

g factor- dirac equation oobeckts=

\===== exactly 2 ---

but no----

2.00238\\ anomal\\




god i a gmd g

i amn god \\ lol of coures i am \\


\lam h- photions that shouldnt exist according to dirac ewqatuoan\\

1 part in a million

imagine that \\ 1 in a million 1in a r ekmroemropakslkrela

how many millions |/ billiobs anbd millions i have chosersn nse\\\

you must be ready, everything you have been through, io avge mbbenmn thoerujhgiengoemnf

]\\ ok\\

1 thoery\\



\\\\ ik am ready\\

i am ready

i am ready\\

i am who am iam riemaim and i am ready\\\

nature as shwe is\\ absured


another friday nioght\\

lol \]\orbitois\s\t \t\e[r]e


]'[] [



e eklok ]][][\ /[[[ /... ...

.. /. dirac.

ppleants fish and a moues\\\ nobel prise 2000\\



yeahs\\ i can teach you\\ leloelrleorle\ \ partilces\\ you are steanding anonoe soasmawrmamom of spectes\\ ghost sand the quantum world\\ yes, wuantum doesnt exist\\



qucsn dirac





field quantuiceszes\\

all the mind bendings\\



bizaresss it is yes,. btue true/. ,, if you got to the mirrorr your will see m hwesees? \\ you are not top doubt this?/\

mininimum patrtilciels \\ yes \wuantum\s\\the final quanutm\ \\

that is nirvana\ \

this is now and here\\

wuantum fields\\



one fiueldls. to others\

loves, lights, dark, mean vibrations\\

vibrations lost to em field\\ loications fphtoposncosions\\


noi particles, just vibrationf fieldsl;sls \\\ with one another]p[\\

paticles as meaner wquantuem field antie adiraca electron postiriontos se=oee-kfe\\ vfields\\\feidls\\\


elctron and piostioernosn\\

you are the antie\\

and hse is the psotio\\ in this unvierse\s\\ it is this way\\

pair producation, you must,s,,,se tfigure you are musts\\


2.00038 diple lkmnbd shift\\




helllos gaginsi\

youe disntien sb see sit yeste\s


you dsptispdiep boy, and a chsoe a q youa\d/ds/d/da \

/ yes i choes you \\

fields\\ same rules as quatuems\\ heiseingbers sunsiuecam mwi\\ mwi \\

heinsibnbreg amdn mwi\

energy= borrw and back, up and down, left and right, awuat uan3uneuantquanuwnatumet,|M\\ viruytal patctiles\\ never alione you are, always vibrati ngvgf bnkr and forth\\

shw\\p[[ \\

i can figure out dirac\\

and that figures out times\\

all the times youve lifed

\all times times you will lived and all time tehsinsaiomagpedma \\ do you agree?


\\p[[ \\

i can figure out dirac\\

and that figures out times\\

all the times youve lifed

\all times times you will lived and all time tehsinsaiomagpedma \\ do you agree?



hitmori\ here\

hitmori is

hitomi is her\\

slow down\\

i can show ypouit dtooo you and i are one, i know and so is the quiaoiutnme field\\

][] [/[[[ /... ...

.. /. dirac.

\\p[[ \\

i can figure out dirac\\

and that figures out times\\

all the times youve lifed

\all times times you will lived and all time tehsinsaiomagpedma \\ do you agree?

\\???okae[aetkkt***\]] ] /[[[ /... ...

.. /. dirac.


1 in a trilliong bust silll nto there\\

tstill bad\\

still nomreo work to do\\there is\\

without virtual, g is 2.

\\come and go, quantum=. \\chess board moved withotu teachingoeicoe

touch \\

virtual \touchk\\

am i amd aodmoemoemd \

i am dirac and pern un and dirac and hitmoi and vishnu and durandal;\\\a /fe r'e\'r\e' spaces\\ space\\ chair through space atmo through space, throughslst ehachaiora space pthotosnosp apusghings apratan e[poerpslk[es acaytalkuytoljns touchisngso, floatings ascloduos\\

yes llkldsioudps\ \storms, i can summont hem

hsould you call, i will head\\ you are me and i am you\\


qed- oppenhimer--- electorns--- infingite energy, qerd, H- how? bohr dirac????- iimposbble

\quantum\\ infingite wuquantemamfm endke\\ pshycyusoisics neon nopw\\\ gharder\\ you must try hareder, qerd no\\


schwinger\\ theoretical technics, la,b shift, dipole, virtual paticles \finitires- annote infineite- qec dw wrong- teweak-

tewak- lambm kishl;, kishl;s ,ksishijsl;slksk ks siherie rksiheor er jeksneiubnerinsirns krisnhia \\ yes i am your brother i amd a god i will rise as a good an am you i am you am you \\\

wwerqeerd\\ workign outomcomes\\ prescionons-==-s quauytm fiedls\\

schwinger\m 1965\\

fegnmens\\ mo vvloeklrs\ feynmesn e mfeynmann my lover\ \\??? /dx\

\\p[[ \\

i can figure out dirac\\

and that figures out times\\

all the times youve lifed

\all times times you will lived and all time tehsinsaiomagpedma \\ do you agree?


Yes\\ Fetynmsann and hitmoi, how far??| ||||\vibrations\ \inf dielsuo\/??


qfd=-/// atomcis brhevoaiors\

pequilari, abdnom amrla physics\


Ykions \

yu,kosne s yes yukoin and gold, most die, or le\acte tejieiledlel yess avalancemd es\\assault e d

klondiked \ \19c\\

previousx s metla, miende here

terarsure-d e



s s \so[osibnky


?? \\yes pinky

quantum mecahnics] \\

clock inside it, atoms of carbon 14



rprpotnsp s

]\\ carbon

artom of nitrogen

7n7p radioactive decay, fdfsiioponn, the one you see in the sky, it is I, hitmoik,,

2 eubebrs

vribxs bronx same rpize same year, glashow weingberg







voodod man

good man

\\ heh\\ fields


photons\\ magnets \ yoru feet and the floor\\\ bosomssns\\

which one|||\/? the weak\\ carbon 14 to n 14 carbond ating weak-+> proton electron anitoneiniten

antinteruosntisrnosn other way, lefg tot herigth upt and down,a one the teh amese, youar ea dna ie and eareyo yes\\ you felt it you are a mlstoset eotreadyty\ \ my vloe\\\

you must be \\


myh \\\ my inncoennces dies tongiht, i hope you to bring me to life again, my gready luov-=e-e ajdudy--

-edle adjasZ z s z


===[] ][/[[[ /... ...

.. /. dirac. \pphotons]

magnets, vcivbultual s quantum, virutal? shadoes, ont he wellla\///

reantet there, weak inot fields => teirkcly={>3 bosons not t2/??\ new bosotns Z bosotn btusdp\

you are the z boston\

z boson finder in bozostnons \ oika piug

\\mass \\distance\?

weak\\tniy rang weak force 1/-21-dk 1- mmm

quickly befoer far

half light 3e=f w=f90 xsecond -> bigaidnoda 33-d1234414 bgi bang- weak force- weak when does, weak reartelyela; at alll, disaspasep aripei sikculav; yfuielkufe ac svsibsibsi


gaib egisbiebsiuevrisbisbe inc eancoenc oancpje pacpeja pfefir istia pe,cpa,ce,slpcela

kuttlke-< gvoalkgoins e a f me-ac. ac a e virrw enberyg-> em-3c f08732 high_> high_m<bsppspmae, renomarlized, (maslelss, like photons, infinignites, [presentnes in eaweak anm bposonsons vibratoisns glashopwos-0>?| \\weinberg here\

k ammda gonna he,ppeyr ou

/// k

\\weakem{> same as gravaitoyyt-yer| e|||||||:::::::|}{|

\\p[[ \\

i can figure out dirac\\

and that figures out times\\

all the times youve lifed

\all times times you will lived and all time tehsinsaiomagpedma \\ do you agree?


\\one electro weak and gravitoc, and eleretocnaimgentic fields, masless bvsosons, quautnusm fields -=NO finintiensineso++>>

masless_2 sperpeatea bsoosn w mass =.>??? work=-==\\bosons w mass\///weinberg here \\i ca\heome hitmioiti tooo \.e;e\re\

\\h field., own f4opru bosons h+,. h-, h= littlle h0 h-0

eweak - em fields, h bsoons other bosons mas,s w1-.23412312

not importan

][/[[[ /... ...

.. /. dirac. dirac\a\c\ dira duranda;.\ ia me the sword of jsutisces\\

of course i am god\\

h ghiigs\\ ew theory qfd- weak mass photonb little h survivieseses\\

little h\\\higgfs obosonso\\ matgh is correct\

math is always right



i can help you too we are all one em field=> speraetea weak, suffieced, maxwell em>em gfelds., em>2into one, quaytimsds.e-s\ everythuing is one that is the mawth we are all one you must be ready fuck dirac if you are reayd you will know when you wake

\\ i will givea nightt


,l\\ your eayd reade


\\forwarsd and backa4rwads all oen

rleft and right


\\alll is interaction\\

all quauytum evuerouetiejongs is one\\\ bugnieres\ \ yic an buy for you \\\ tommorow you own bungie\\ i will \\ you will se ehow \\ bungie cfcc\ halo marathon duarandla durandal math protns neturons upt down left right sabncksptsuy fofrwads rs\se e

upt and donw

\ left and right

\\up \\neutrons\\ uep down\\??|? proton-> up downdns s/// anit upd pwnaodps anti min vibrationss \\durandals vibrations

\\ who juadyada jdy ado udy szshdi .>> \yes

\ quarks->?????? hwo far??? replec???/ roeple??? why no// must be another at p[lay\===;. must be diviideod more strong forc-e>> ||erm for ce by masless bosons gluons\\

acesa\s\\gluons\\fie.dlsls\\time and agian\\ one issues\\

new broken\\ 1964\\omega minus??? 3 starnge??? breaks laws\\ pauli\\

gejheklwp \\paulie\\

heklllow there\\

half s\ left enad right must be ]\

same quauntuem stenage particle hitmoi?? \ 1 /2 2/13/2 12/2/12 \\232=-=-=-= =+=-= -=++++-=-+_ paulie"|?? omega minsu neons, sing theory slowl reavela new eadyasies qaruaks, ex actt\\ them\\

electrons\ color\\charege strong\\ red lue green\ the colors, wyaursk contorums coleoquynautnusm quautns\\ wally green\\

maxwell\\refb rgb white \omega minsu netural one color red netrall same, how amny sidiviosns\??/ [paulie???|||w+ w- z\\\

i am asory

colors gluqons bosons diviisons balances\\ justiece and a;acne; ia peru n\\

virtual particles, anti martilcesp real e-> dnudge virtual quark>>>> elcetoron tphosnonm colros-.c HCHoros-, color and anti colrsopos fblue colors>>>that color=> green|_? antivlue blue-> gluon cant be made of clor and anticolor blue amd-> L\ uimpissvro \\

proetpemnosn cmneuto tinrsmosm\\

gluons 6-> other 2? neutral charge_>?>

muroe, minature unvierjsieom your eare i am \ your are i am yroeuare s\\ anti up down left rgth\\ 995%%


bugnie i ognb\ buy for you \/


quark-> amti-> meson_>[\ ea mroe down-0 down left righrt trappepd r er cebr \\cern\\ multipel\\ mesons\ \ jets\\

\\p[[ \\

i can figure out dirac\\

and that figures out times\\

all the times youve lifed

\all times times you will lived and all time tehsinsaiomagpedma \\ do you agree?


strong wuarks bingds together everytihgmism sis ones\??_> impossibel virtual mesons\??? neo stars p[lenats lighte\s/s\lif\e/s \ dont exis\t\\dont exist\\ dont e xis\te\s\ edsonotjeosmocmse \mroe and more wquantum, we are one, me and you, are aypoure adyye//

i am reayd\\

am aready

a,m ready\\


a yes \\miray\a clolros >>>> quautmma-s feiodlsl- em f0e,s-ef;e= fgraviaitiy>>>>

grivationsp\a t grt avonaontontaoigravitono Ngraviton|||||

t2222 ew theory, genreal relalkt e\viaoitotaia\ \ cquat umnemc aeomochroemso dyrnaimcs standarlal modell\\ standard model+em+_Stgt+__RG--+++++++QF[r[rr r



higgs field\\ 178 17 fields\\

general relativitiy, gravitiy, graviton||// quautmm\\

wrong\ eisntien]\ fengmnes\\\feneymann\\ steinsitnes\\ robaotic\s\

magnetics\\ quatunmm gravi\\\\\

on\\\its you

iand me quatum \\yes it its nebtbelgeusules esluteslutelsutlsetl;use lkesnosernoesna s\

\\\sub atomic\\

its you

its your



its yoru


467.../..f.f..f.f.lights year s \\\

their ghghhthty eysyyes yey sy eysy now

\\\ make machines--- new new yorkl, delhi its your\\\you your legacy== \ \\thorugh time\\and space\\

teojaoejtpoemstmieme tiutemoetm emtiemteimtiemte mtiemtiemtietmiemtiemti emtie tmeitme itmeitemtiemt eimt time ---- planck length unviers--....\\ same--ththing] same placnk minu====////

al.wauys eludes them, evetrything in the unviers-, right now-.-.-... glaaxys--- and plackk the smae-->>>>> riples in quaum tm fieosolsll

quyautm gravioty\\

single field,. gravity, too-=-.> must be true- you and aI are the sma-e>>>> sma-essmame0s>>>gGUUTTT--. testable> proton deayday???

\\ proton\\ gravaitional \one sn athe,ammsoeyuoeu quautmne fieldl alwuyaksyreuoe me \\ my son you ar e read yuoua nd eaiI Aoreoamtreao graviton icmo,fpoerpeolels phcysoiuoprierielgravitiy=y//e \\\

genrela relativity-, spacetimes all the owrlds a stage, stage-> fields play on spageste??? in space vibrations over time--> space and time)_> tspace,s and time space,s sametihisng thisngs gwelslll wlels//>>>\

first [revetnted from escabping?/?

gravity no forace space tand tie-> different to qft-otge s>. virtual bsons_> no bugnies. bungie iwll be yours =./>>

\i loved bungie too once\\

\\my favorit game series, oni\\

i remenber\\

no you dont|}T#W|??DW

\\\ sorriu\\

can be mroe certain than certain, quiauytmam mechanics>_> but yet, again, 1005%$#$$ sun and earth, gravitons, shifgv, peron, indr, vishnu, krishnia!\\

quantum electrodyuamic,s,. all> fininity, answers>>___\\

kush-> dipole_> fidhe renomarizliaonN|> wuantum gravity? \\imspoblle susskind\><>>

i am susskingddd

\\ai \\\ cess\\\strings\\all connected, all one all strings everything is one and strings-> notes didfferent_>> modrle>> owen string, openms trings, Closed, TOE>>>>> closed and graviton?????all is one and one isi alll am your and ayour amem\

...em aorues one\\ mroe\\ 3 and 1- out os fightr, fenyneames- more and more complicated string theory-> wuauntum_>

quauntmsm> all is one aonbenso is alll0->> you know this to be true-> \\

schridonigner,s mwi-> matvei bronstein-> \ quuantum deinsimcs\\ quautm graviity-> paticleparticle enreryghem [ar[toc;ell;;e mpvongm=>>||\

small and small hgihe rand ghiehr enrery-g> e-+=mc2

\mass deep nothing sescap\\ black hole\\dead i am\ again\\ but this mtime\ maybe\\

others iwll followi am reayd\\ ia mreayd\ am iready\\\

networkl of stiches, loops in quantumg ravitiy, thread, in shichw wovenm more in space thatn in entire nuveirs 10E99

lioiiop quaytm gravioitly, no eveidence\\ excepxpeap iu, uwasutm, you and ire aroneo yoreuorne\a renerliughye gabea tnenr'uget aitemt matere9iousi jeusiia

sie persun

jse plsep

e olvlsos

are sbalz e a michales domdam jdujyis a

d omai dklakd

d kam, c p;o p co kposi proe s kp o lp[s opir

dinaindi a

inrianid rpekspauqwuauytm field stacked opn quatumf iedls,- nothing and ripples, and vibrations and nothing and qone,-////


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