System Shock 1 Marathon Comparison Episode 4
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 6/8/23 1:13 p.m.

System Shock Marathon Comparison & talkthrough Season 1: System Shock 1: Enhanced Edition

Episode 4: Eternal Engine

Act 1: Ridley me this Ė Systems Engineering

Last time was a relatively short trip to maintenance in order to fix the master jettison enable lever and then launch Beta Grove. Now as I return to the elevator to level 7 in Diegoís new quarters, Rebecca radios me again confirming what we learned on level 5.

Ignoring her (SHODAN that is, not Lansing), I take the elevator to the Engineering level. The Nine Inch Nails reactor theme goes pumping through my ears again and SHODAN radios me a second time.

Behind and above me is a cyborg assassin. Those buggers will be placed in hard to spot locations from now on. The ramp to my left leads to the lower floor of the central hub. The log on the floor says that thereís no way to reach the upper floor of the hub from gamma or beta and to send a rope ladder or something to make it up there. We donít get one so we have to use our jump jet boots. Thereís a small maze down a grav lift to the right where I can find the best gun in the game.

The Skorpion assault rifle. Yes itís actually spelled with a K. Itís a fully automatic rifle that fires molten slag bullets like we see resistance soldiers firing in Sonic Forces (cutscenes only). Itís so overpowered, the only alternate ammo is a 50% bigger clip.

The west satellite is nearby, guarded by security 1 bots and a cyborg enforcer on the walkway outside. Get used to seeing those girls as thereís a lot on this level.

Open the cover on the antennaís base and insert the plastique under the dish. Run before it blows as the explosion will kill you if you are nearby.

The passages twist and turn to a looping 3D maze near the hub where I find a log on a dead body: he says he thinks heís the only one left and he wants to blow the station. However, he doesnít have the systems authorisation code which will let him do it. No code for the lifepods either. He says he needs to get to the bridge, but as we see he didnít make it. The maze is flooded with cyborg enforcers and I find the next satellite in due time. The ramp opposite leads to the upper level of the hub.

Down below is a mancubus looking thing that fires green plasma shots. Thatís a mutated cyborg, one of SHODANís potential goals. Colored wire puzzles guard the way into Gamma and Beta up here. I canít be arsed to solve them as theyíre boring and hard so I use a logic probe. Under some forcefield doors here is the third and final surgery machine, a recharge station and the last pattern buffer in the game. Donít get too close to the surgery machine when you use it as itís mined. Turns out I was mistaken earlier as I hadnít played in a while: there is a ladder inside beta but the door is locked by the lockpicking puzzle. Near here I find the next satellite and itís also mined. Shooting them removes them.

Back near the start, I find a log from Bianca Schuler I read while stoned. She takes a wrong turn and is cornered before getting captured.

Under a light bridge floor nearby next to some grating I find a power station, a logic probe and a level 3 upgrade to my jump jet boots. Near a shaft back out I need the boots for is a log from SHODAN.

I return to beta quadrant through the lower level of the hub. The passageway is irradiated due to waste barrels being strewn about all over the shop. The level 3 upgrade to my energy shield aug is here. Hidden behind some debris at the far end of the room and blending in with it is a level 3 hazard suit which will make returning to the reactor even easier. Hiding it here is kind of dickish. Up the stairs is the CPU server room. No number recording for us. In a small room here is a log on its dead owner talking about the systems authorisation code again.

The door here loops back to the area below where the pattern buffer and surgery machine are. The final satellite dish is here.

That was easy. Too easy.

I could just take the death and respawn at the pattern buffer, but I donít wanna.

Do what I did and use a reflex pill to give you enough time to pick the lock. Rebecca and SHODAN both contact me via radio after the satellite blows.

Hereís the mutated cyborg I mentioned before. It guards the elevator to the security level.

Next mission: we finally learn the point of the CPU servers if we havenít already.

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