13th. Big Stuff
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07:44, 27 May 2888 (Japan hours)
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hashimoto.kaemon@sekiguchi. GROUP.iom

hashimoto.kaemon@sekiguchi. GROUP.iom


07:44, 27 May 2888 (Japan hours)
Emergency: Update on the Oxya Pulse accident

Dear Sekiguchi employees,

The accident that occurred yesterday at TRAXUS' Oxia Pulse mining facility is still under investigation. There are no detailed reports of the cause or damage to workers or the site, but the number of casualties has become limited. So far, nine people have been confirmed to have been killed, and more than 200 people have been injured.

It is very painful to lose a life in an industrial accident, but it is worth noting that there were no victims among the workers who were using the neural sync transfer to the assigned biomata. Many of the injured were biomata workers, and although the clones were severely damaged, they escaped sacrifice thanks to the activation of our product's eject catch system. The shaft seems to have been a total loss, and it is likely that the human body could not have survived this collapse. Our cloning technology allowed workers to perform their duties in hazardous environments, and the Biomata's ejection protocol was activated to safely return to their original bodies.

While we are not in a very happy situation right now, we want you to know that our research, technology and products are saving lives.

While not everything is yet clear about the situation at the site and the details of the affected people and facilities, Sekiguchi's leadership has already approved additional support for the deceased workers, their families, and injured workers. We will also provide Traxas with prompt ordering support to ensure a means to continue production, and provide workers who are able to return to their shifts with an essential alternative to biomata to ensure safety.

Remember how important our products are. It ranges from biomata itself, to the science and coordination of neural sync systems, to related safety systems.

Thank you for your efforts. If you feel that you need personal support in dealing with this tragedy, please contact the Human Resources Welfare Division. In addition, please do not continue to respond to requests for media interviews or comments. In the unlikely event that you receive an inquiry from a news organization, please contact your spokesperson.

Kaemon Hashimoto

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