D2 Witness adressing us?? (The Security Officer)
Posted By: BarniDate: 3/3/23 12:27 p.m.

Destiny 2 Lightfall

Spoilers ahead

Spoilers ahead

Spoilers ahead

While looking the cutscenes of the latest expansion for Destiny i noticed that each time the Witness "talks" to the Traveler its adressing him as if it knew him, his past, his future *wink *wink

The traveler doesnt really fight back and is known for leaving when the Witness/Darkness arrives.

What really got me thinking was the thing it says to the Traveler at the end of the current campaign.

>>The universe makes us al victim and perpetrator of its infinite cruelty. You, more than any suffer both fates. Be free.<<

From what i recall from the last time i played Marathon was that We, the Officer, are %hero (Roland, Beowulf, Achilles, Gilgamesh), a fusion of a former human being and Jjaro implants and finally Destiny.
We are entangled with infinite forces of infinite timelines and we know of a "counterpart" to us, one which without it our very existence is pathetic and vulgar. Its adressed as Lethe on the Hero terminal on Kill your Television.
We also know that Yrro had a companion named Pthia that he lost while fighting/imprisioning the W'rkncacnter(s?)

So here are my thoughts:

Could the Jjaro have a hand in any of the events on Destiny?? Could the Traveler BE Yrro and the Witness Phtia??

If the Traveler is not Yrro, we can go back to the Realization of Durandal at the end of the Universe (we are Destiny). Is the Traveler the Security Officer?? Why would the Traveler have suffered (MORE THAN ANY) the universe's infinite cruelty if not by the way the Officer suffered it; specially since the Captured episode of M2 and all of Infinite (as a consequence of the unleash of the W'rkncacnter)

Could the Witness be Lethe? If the Witness is the counterpart to the Traveler and the Traveler is The Security Officer, in turn the Witness would be the counterpart of the Officer, what implications would that bring to the table??

Is there any trace of a W'rkncacnter in Destiny?? All of the battles, struggles and events that have an impact on the world seem to be pretty consequent to a "normal" evolution of the universe, no time-reality-physics-warping-terror going on. Not even the Vex come close to what a W'rkncacnter is described to be, altough there are some weird similarities since they have "inhabited" and "adapted" their own sun.

Could the Vex be spawns of a W'rkncacnter the same way the S'pht and Fl'ckta are of Yrro?? (While captive inside a star could the W'rkncacnter have "created" the Vex as spawns of his own and started to use them as a mean to escape the prision that Yrro set him on??)

The "Final Shape" that the Witness is talking about, could it be a W'rkncacnter? It seems pretty bad as a concept and the consequences that would carry for the puppies of the Traveler are their utter destruction. Could it be a way for the Witness to "join" the Traveler in a physical way?

After all this schizoprenic rambling i just feel like Bungie is getting closer and closer to returning in full force to the Marathon universe. Specially after the last season. I would like very much to see our dearly insane Durandal again.

Its time to take my medz (by medz i mean smoking hard candy & vaporub through a lightbulb) what do you guys think??

Btw Happy March 3, 2553

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