Re: Of PID and Powerslave comparison part 1
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 2/24/23 11:37 a.m.

In Response To: Of PID and Powerslave comparison part 1 (Lion O Cyborg)

: Our protagonist is unnamed but unlike Sergeant Eddings in Pathways, we never
: get named in a guide so I’m just gonna call this guy Sergeant Sand.
: Copying Duke Nukem, he talks but unlike the Duke his one-liners suck. They
: consist entirely of him yelling “Come on!”, “That’s right.” or “Eat it!”
: when killing enough enemies, going “Son of a bitch!” when hurt badly
: enough, laughing evilly just after killing mummies with their own attack
: when they turn him and occasionally saying “see ya!” in his most annoying
: Crayon Shin Chan voice he can. I keep thinking he’s gonna follow up that
: line with “wouldn’t wanna be ya!” based on his tone alone. He’s almost
: mute in the original/remaster. Still, annoying voiced player characters
: are better than silent ones. Yeah, I went there.

ITS NO USE arguing with that. Was is something I said? What could possibly go wrong?

: Several story points are different to the main game while keeping similar
: beats. The talk to the dead comparison to PID comes in early on in both
: versions: we talk to the ghost of Pharaoh Rameses II several times, voiced
: by yet another classic actor I’ve never heard of, Don Lafontaine. He also
: did the opening narration. He also sounds a bit like Redd Pepper, the
: action movie trailers guy. You know the one. That’s who I thought it was
: at first.

I thought that said seargent pepper for a moment. The movie narrator guy's name is pepper?

: We can also swim like in Marathon down to only being able to use melee
: attacks underwater, which is vital for fighting those annoying giant
: piranha. We can find Sonic Advance 3 bubbles along the way to restore our
: breath, which runs out in a mere 10 seconds.

Why the gba games? Are you that young?. Even civvie joked about the duke nukem forever bubbles and he was thinking of the genesis games.

: Continued in part 2 unlike the original log post as I don't trust it won't be
: too long for the Story Forum messenger.

What more is there after the game is over?

Did you have to spoil so much? All you had to say was it's an fps with the egyptian tomb asthetic and I'm down to play that. It's ok to spoil marathon and PiD because we all played those. I didn't know this exists. Looks pretty fun.

"3d metroidvania" isn't a genre. Don't you know that the whole point of the term metroidvania is to denote something's a 2D sidescroller? This is a PiD-like or Hexen-like nonlinear FPS... isn't it? You said there's a doom/heretic-like map screen so maybe not.

Hmm... $20 for nightdive, or $10 for dosbox.... If only the two came in a bundle (that's less than a $30 hit to my wallet) this wouldn't be so hard

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