No one made the game engine I want
Posted By: ZeruhtaeusDate: 11/23/22 2:30 a.m.

The game engine I want was never made.

A full 3D portal rendering game engine for Marathon.

I'm trying to make a 5d space system in full 3D with Unity now.
Converting Aleph One code to Unity is difficult.
Unity and Open GL are different.
C++ and C#.

It is easier to make something new.

3D portal rendering acts the same way as 2D portal rendering.
Each polygon is a side and instead of lines being portals the polygons are portals.
Terminals on the floor and ceiling.
A Group of polygons become sectors.
Point in Polyhedron instead of point in polygon.
I have a working polygon clipper in Unity.
A portal is just a list of vertices.
When portals are clipped they are visible.
5D space is a side effect of overlapping polygons with limited 3D that can make rooms over rooms.
Overlapping sectors can work the same way in full 3D.

I've already made something, but it needs a polygon clipper and plane clipping.


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