Hellpak Vol. 1: Not Recommended by Doctors
Posted By: Aaron FreedDate: 10/25/22 8:30 a.m.

I am pleased to announce the release of Hellpak Vol. 1: Not Recommended by Doctors. Hellpak is probably best described as an anthology of 30 weird challenge maps (plus a hub level) created by seven different mappers with a goal of breaking the mold of traditional Marathon content.

Hellpak is designed to challenge both players and the mapmakers themselves in unconventional ways; mappers used weird editors (including Obed and even Pfhorte) and often self-imposed various limits. The behaviour we wanted sometimes required unorthodox implementations, and levels may require players to find unorthodox solutions, though many also have multiple solutions; they’re intended to be difficult, but fair and fun.

Those expecting a story or custom artwork for textures or monsters should look elsewhere, but we do have a bangin’ soundtrack by four different people; the soundtrack includes 10 tracks not featured in the game, with unique artwork for all 40 tracks. The video description also contains a link to a FLAC download.

Hellpak Vol. 1 has multiple endings; see the readme for instructions on how to get the best ending. If you want the best ending, it’s important to follow the instructions precisely. The readme also contains important information on getting the soundtrack to work.

We also have a Discord server. People who need hints, wish to contribute to future volumes, or want to stream Hellpak should join.


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