Size of Durandal's brain
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 9/3/22 4:56 a.m.

In "1001 Nordic Nerds" on Rubicon, Durandal says his brain is bigger than "any planet in the galaxy." This can't be true can it? How much physical space is he stored in? Okay, it has been stated in M1 that rampant AI growth demands planet-sized networks, and at that time Durandal shared a Deimos-sized network with two other AIs.

In the same map it's confirmed that humanity has expanded to multiple planets beyond Sol and Tau Ceti (in the hammy-villain monologues to take over all galactic governments with a virus) so did Durandal expand his neural network across multiple planets between Infinity and Rubicon? I still don't have much confidence his combined network even exceeds gas-giant sizes. Jupiter's a big-arse gas giant, and 14 Herculis B is... well, not bigger, but "much more massive".

I bet Tycho should be Dwarfing him with the Pfhor empire's planetary networks at his disposal... presuming they implemented that much that's compatible for tycho to occupy.

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