Marathon Redux (Alpha 0.013) Spoiler Guide Part 1
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 12/27/21 2:50 a.m.

WARNING: This is not representative of the final product and anything in the game depicted here is subject to change. This is just a recording of a beta test Iím doing for the mod creator. DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE GAME TO BE SPOILED FOR YOU. Iím dead serious. This was also written in June 2020. Edits to the original text expected. I also recently played it on Total Carnage and it's perfectly beatable. Back when this was written, I was on Major Damage.

In between playing other games, working on the Halo SPV3 Tour of Duty and saving up money so I can upgrade my laptop to one that can run Doom Eternal, (Note, this is going up on the story page at least a year after I did upgrade my laptop) Iíve now got the time to try out the latest existing build (well, merged map anyway) of Redux from November. As the difficulty is set up like SPV3 in that itís the 2 hard ones and new even harder ones> only, Iíll play on Major Damage so I can stand a chance on the two escort missions as I know from when I first covered an older build that they can be beaten now. (i.e you get the success message) This is intended for implementing the plank system that Marathon vanilla ended up not having. It will be interesting to see how they turn out in the final version. I will be using my CD Tracks hack, though I highly recommend using the default M1R ones that come with it first and seeing if you like it better that way. Only read this if you donít care about spoilers, as Iíll be documenting what I find. Also, bear in mind this is still just an alpha and doesnít represent the final game.

EPISODE 1: Arrival

E1Map-1: Mirita

This is only available from the level select screen for now but Iím playing it anyway because I like it. Nothing too serious, itís just a nice little way to incorporate the manual text into the game itself via an English translation of a comic version of the opening by a Japanese fan. This map is actually from the ios version of Marathon 1 (the original ios one anyway) where it could only be seen with the level select from Master Chief mode. It technically has its own chapter screen, but Iím counting it as part of chapter 1 for consistency.

E1M0/Map00: Arrival

I had to start a new game properly as Mirata starts you with very little oxygen (the decompression Durandal ordered?) but thereís not yet an O2 station there.

I never had a build of M1A1 that started with the PID reference but my Steam friend did at one point (you can see it in his LP). This is a much more appropriate extra opening sequence and it implements the Tau Ceti e skybox mod for the original by default. Since thereís now a 3D models plugin, you start inside the escape pod. Iím a little divided on the models as some look great, like the Leonardo pod and the chips, but othersÖdonít. The barrels are a good place to start as I thought they looked rather bland in 3D. Either way, I donít count it as an issue with Redux itself because it originally wasnít used for Redux.

Thanks to Raven's partial vacuum script from Eternal X 1.2, thereís actual vacuum in the hanger. In older builds, it used invisible oxygen ticks but she made the script to make it better. Plus, partial vacuum in levels means that the airlock actually works. The one at the top of the stairs is broken though: Iíll have to get in via the disabled and freight access.

That wasnít me. Bob has taken a page from his Marathon 2 brothers and can defend himself against the Pfhor. That comes in handy more than a little bit later, trust me. There are also those nice blue tank things, but I canít tell if theyíre 3D or not.

Up the elevator, I enter the original starting area and deal with the fighters before reading Leelaís terminal. Itís mostly unchanged from the original other than Eternal style message openings to show when a particular character shows up. Whatís more interesting are the windows around here.


The Sfiera looming behind those new sections of the ship and the Juggernaut tank in the sky is just gold. It makes the Marathon feel more like the moon sized colony ship it is. You can even see sections of plain moon surface in the skybox. Iíd played Brutal Doom Extermination Day (this build back when it was called ďHell on Earth Starter PackĒ) before this and the extra attention to detail in Redux reminds me a lot of that game.

I notice my hands blur a lot when punching. I donít know if this is a glitch or just Marcus actually punching that fast. I donít mind either way as it does imply the latter. The Sípht maze is slightly wider than M1 Classic and our Bob friend from M1A1ís early versions and the M1 demo is still there.

ďThis is my hiding spot, and Iím not moving until the situation has drastically improved. Now go away! And donít tell anyone Iím here!Ē

Itís hard to tell this is animated from a still, but it is a nice touch that glitchy, damaged or trash terminals are set up this way. Tycho and Durandal also get more screentime.

I also notice that itís possible to bump into the Bob in his 5D space cupboard while in the main hallway. That normally doesnít happen so I wonder if itís an Aleph One thing and/or Windows 10? (Note: This was an older Aleph One build but I forgot which one)

I always thought this was a Durandal terminal but considering itís in a maintenance duct used by engineering staff, it makes sense that it would be a Tycho one. The Sípht appear to be interrogating him for information on humanity. Before, I thought this was Durandal telling them himself as part of his plans for freeing them.

Is it me, or does Boomer look very slightly bigger than it did in the new skybox before? Something I donít like about the staff in Redux is that it drags you forward as you use it and itís not very powerful. The other behaviour it has I do like however, so if they used that, coupled with how they functioned in Eternal (not including the ammo system as itís still unknown to us at this point in the story) it would be perfect. Love the sprite work though: I managed to get the HD weapons plugin to work too so far. Maybe it has to do with the fact I upgraded my RAM a while ago, as memory problems are what caused Windows crashing in Aleph One with too many texture updates or plugins active. (This is when I still had my old laptop)

E1M1/Map1: Bigger Guns Nearby

Jump pads are now consistently used throughout the whole game, unlike the original where they just appeared the once in Map00 & Map01. Leela also has a camera shot of the spaceport being destroyed. That thing you can barely see in the gloomy storage room is an explosive barrel, the first to appear in Marathon. Unlike Doom, the UESC sensibly covered those things with proper lids this time and labelled that they contain radioactive waste. The explosion deals no damage, as they donít use the highly volatile nukage from Doom, which was ďnuclear wasteĒ in name only unless the map maker stated otherwise. Destructible barrels in Redux donít get their own 3D model however.

You can climb on the crates and shelves to find an active camo chip in a corner. I intend to save that for later when I get to the Sípht ambush.

Leela also has some new dialog: she tells me outright I need to be better armed, cannot teleport me out from this terminal as thereís no jump pad, and warns that when travelling through the biovent core (read: sewer pipes), the macerators on the floor are switched on as Durandal controls those and they will chew your feet up if you touch them. This is represented by the M2 cogs and the polygons being set as Ouch sectors, which is a good use of hotplate polygons. She also says I may need to scavenge from the aliens as well as keep my sidearm handy.

I like how thereís now text on those sheets of paper in the models plugin, though I do wish they could have more than one message on them. I understand why though as itís just replacing a single object. Still, Durandal is as funny as ever in the paper as he is in the terminals. I wonder if this place is some kind of breakroom or office, going by the computers and benches. Also, is that a project in Hammer Editor on the left screen there above the disk drive?

I dread to think what happened to him. The new MA-75 design is awesome, combining the black of the Halo 2 SMG with the ďhandheld minigunĒ design of M1ís Assault Rifle. It even has grenade climbing restored! It was a bit wonky in the older build of Redux, as the code for it and the base M3 code seemed to be fighting it out. That's no longer an issue in this one.

Thereís some new doorways and hall connections here but the biggest change to this area other than the sewer pits and storage room is that the lift now has a safety guard and the ledges and stairs have handrails!

Theyíre only small things but they still count. Thatís the beauty of modern 2.5D engine builds: taking old geometry and adding just enough new details to it to make the environments make sense or more sense than they did in older games released for them, so something as simple as a caution sign on a wall (like the HD version of the loudspeaker texture) or a chair sprite by a computer station (Brutal Doom with the map enhancement script active) can make fans of those games like myself squee.

Who put these here? (In-universe) Thatís a fire hazard if you block potential escape routes.

Hereís one of the sewage macerators. The floors of the pipes between them are safe.

Coming back to the 3D models plugin, sorry to say it but the 3D bollard looks terrible. The original sprite looks like a sci-fi version of those stone pillars with balls on them you get at parks, which is what I liked about them. This one looks like someone tried to make the former out of play dough. That's probably the last time I criticise the models, trust me. The good ones will start appearing very soon.

The O2 station works, though some in these junctions donít, just like Leela warns. I also forgot to point out that I like how the Sípht or maybe even hostile cyborgs or mechs now appear on the motion tracker as ďhuman enemiesĒ i.e. yellow squares, which you normally see in multiplayer. Leela also now teleports in ammo to the small jump pads like Durandal does in the sequels.

Since I still have working knees like in Eternalís Tour of Duty, I exploit that coupled with grenade jumping to return upstairs to save, heal and grab the shadow chip. I also get the VISR chip in the grenade jump tease the same way.

The VISR does a much better job of illuminating dark areas than vanilla thanks to the crisper picture. It also reveals anyone using active camouflage, or so it shows here with me. The ambush hall is a tad wider than it was but thereís also now a switch to head back to the storage room, opening a small hatch above a lift to ambush them right back. However, it also short-circuits the health station so I canít patch myself up, jams the door to the first breakroom, makes the pattern bufferís lights flicker and causes one of the ďstair liftsĒ leading to the buffer to fail.

When the VISR wears off, I can admire the new view outside the windows again. Just as before, thereís a jump pad by the exit. Expect to keep seeing them in this mod, which is a great help at identifying where the exit is if you havenít played before. It also marks where the start point is in case you get lost, despite the map being easy to read.

The image speaks for itself and unlike M2ís images like the Juggernaut one on Feel the Noise, you can actually read the image text without a microscope.

E1M2/Map02: Never Burn Money

Leela makes sure to namecheck Tycho for his duties in this area. She still doesnít mention the exit most people actually take in the transport tower. I havenít tested if you can refill your semi empty clips on Total Carnage by picking up another gun like you can in vanilla (you definitely canít in M1A1) but even if not, itís more just a convenience thing so I donít mind if itís absent.

(Note: As of my Total Carnage run, I notice that it seems to be just a renamed lower difficulty with edited damage values, (I think) so like M1A1, you can't pick up another gun to refill your clip. I haven't played on the hardest difficulty in Redux so feel free to let me know if you can on that.)

The pumps at the ends now have fitting sounds as they spin & pound.

Again, you canít tell from a still but as I was shown once before, the fans actually spin now unlike vanilla and the first alpha of Redux I tried. The pump fans spin too. You now have to talk to Tycho in the manufacturing transport station to open the lockers.

EEK! MARATHON ETERNAL WASPS?! Reggie Fils-Aime from that one meme everybody knows but canít place where itís from puts it best:

However, unlike Marathon Eternal you get both normal ones and the tiny wasps, plus the latter arenít annoying in this game, due to having the same firing speed as the former. They were hiding in the lockers so it makes me wonder: are the tiny wasps their babies and they were using the transport lockers as nests?

The processor tunnel is still too dark to see anything so the pfhor and wasps in there leave me seeing again that strange glitch in the main games where you literally have 0 health and yet still live. Not complaining, that bug is a lifesaver.

I notice that the ďHathor fragment terminalĒ (if thatís what it is) in the tower about the uncontrollable demigod girl is labelled as a Leela terminal and is flickering with static. I wonder what that means?

The chips are the first or second thing I point to when I talk about 3D models in the Marathon 1 plugin that are good. The other of those weíll see when we get to the pfhor ship levels. The chips look like flash memory based versions of floppy disks, in the same way that Switch cartridges are to Game Boy Advance and Family Computer ones. It's a cool concept.

You bet your bottom dollar I visit the Gherrit White terminal. I like how secret doors in Redux have a MIDA symbol on them, as itís a detail that not every game gets right (looking at you, Wolfenstein 3D and the higher difficulties of OG Rise of the Triad): unless itís specifically designed as a monster closet, you canít just plonk down secret doors willy-nilly and have them look like any old wall. Thereís got to be a subtle clue to help players find them without a walkthrough or no-clipping, such as a mis-aligned texture, a blood trail or footprints leading to a wall and appearing to just stop, or (and one of my favourite sneaky hints) a light blinking on a particular wall panel in an otherwise dark hallway. Vanilla Marathon 1 has a bollard outside the secret door here and while thatís here as well, it has a MIDA symbol on it as the secrets were intended to be hidden ammo and munitions stashes for Bernhardís rebels. I noticed the symbol in an old build of Redux a while ago on The Rose, but I just noticed itís here too.

Unlike M1A1 as stated above, grenade climbing works just as it does in M1 Classic! :D

The wasps are now baby ones but theyíre no match for me. The terminal itself is all glitching out with the ďcorrupt/damaged DurandalĒ message on its screen and full of static, which is a nice touch.

2 years ago, I interpreted the Gherritt White terminal as Durandal sending the player or maybe the S'pht a metaphorical story indirectly describing his life under Bernard Strauss and his Rampancy and subsequent escape. He could well have done it to encode the message to the S'pht from Leela, Tycho and the crew, or maybe to teach the S'pht about human writing traits in storytelling based on a true story; his Rampancy.

There are S'pht guarding that terminal in the teleporter maze alongside the wasps.

Gherritt is Durandal, his beater is Bernard Strauss, the prison cell is his Core with the clamping bars being firewalls or something to stop him spreading, the schoolyard disciplinarian is Leela, the rats in the walls are either computer programs or technicians working on Durandal and the sea and waves are the Marathonís network.

Now I head off to install those floppy disks, and the level is a lot better than vanilla too as usual.

EPISODE 2: Counterattack

E2M1/Map03: Defend THIS!

Blue is more my color for Marathon (Black and Red like Shadow the Hedgehog in Halo 2 onward) but I look smashing in purple.

Not sure why, but the jump pad makes this hallway remind me of a bowling alley. That's cool: I love bowling alleys

Leela doesnít warn me about the trash compactor and sheís missing her restored third chip screen from (I think) M1A1.

Thereís debris in the garbage disposal though itís hard to see in the gloom. The armoury also has a blast sign outside it.

Now, Iíd speculated a long time ago that the lava on the Marathon was waste rock that couldnít be easily removed, so they melted it with the Marathon reactors and circulated it around the ship for surplus power via geothermal energy and cheap central heating, the channels and rivers we see in-game being there to provide a volcanic ďwater featureĒ for people to ogle as it returns to the engine room to stay hot, making sure itís cool enough to actually flow back while simultaneously not setting non battleroids who wander too close without touching it on fire.

ďThe lava on the marathon was the original rock that couldnít be removed lest the moon collapse and ruin the rest of the ship. So the UESC built channels, tanks and pools for the magma (using either asbestos or platinum), heated it up to liquid levels using the engines reactors and pump it around the ship like real earth tectonics/water cycle with the lava providing a constant source of hydro(pyro?)electric power and central heating.

The lava that BoBs and other non maintenance crew are to be found around needs to be cooled to at least the hundreds of degrees Celsius without freezing or slowing down to stop them catching fire just by standing too close. Also, Marcus and the other battleroids are built to withstand the heat as are their shields. Thatís why you survive a few seconds in lava when your shields (the yellow and purple health bars, not the red) are down.

All just wild speculation but I think it helps. Besides, someone needs a Celestia Jacuzzi once in a while to keep Bevis happy. ;)Ē

This opinion was a bit too hot for some to handle but in Redux, notice what the red stripes on the walls are now?.

Normally Iíd chalk it up to just being a texture update but since thereís almost always a lava sound playing around those pipes, thereís no mistaking it: Those are the pipes that pump the lava away from the reactors as geothermal radiators, before flushing them down the magmatic fountains we see later on for the return journey.

Inside the secret with Tychoís first vanilla terminal, the lava pipes glow a deeper red, cooling down a bit to avoid frying the computer, which is another clever little touch. There are two hot spots though: those mark the secret doors, a new one of which works as a shortcut into the area with the chip slots.

I swear that lift texture is new. It actually looks a bit like a realistic hydraulic elevator now. The bridge however is one of my favourite parts of the level by far: no longer is it a crappy suicide pit. Itís now a sewer that connects to the trash compactor and the hallway outside it.

I thought that you couldnít have 5D space rooms over rooms this way as the Forge manual states that the polygons cannot share vertices. However, I learned either on the Pfhorums or Story Page that they can indeed share the same vertices: just resize the sectors to match in size and/or shape after filling them and so long as the polygons are still convex, the engine will not care. I also forgot to mention in either the hanger or Map01ís biovent cores that the Darth Vader breathing when underwater and in vacuum from Eternal is in Redux too and I love that.

The hallway the fighters snipe you from now connects to a vent above the room with the defence drones, of which have been replaced with Bobs since the drones arenít meant to be active yet.

Leela now no longer tells me about the Pfhor clans until the end of the level, just that the colony is under attack. Also, donít think I didnít notice that some doors are the split from the middle type.

Heís been boned. By the exit terminal, the whole floor is a jump pad. Inserting the chips opens subtle little shortcuts back to the armoury and Rampancy terminal. MADDs are also released from a circuit board covered room in the bridge perimeter hall where the lizards were. Those openings must be defence drone access vents, like the vent shafts that the Monitor and sentinels use in Halo 1+2.

Leela explains how shock staffs work, and warns that some trooper grenades can track you now.

E2M2/Map04: Couch Fishing

Remember that strange empty hole through the windows in this map? Thatís where I am now: it is now a waterway and you can sometimes spawn in it. The Euphoria M1 OST Swirls in my hack for this level as I type this around midnight just makes me feel nostalgic and sad for 2012 when I first played M1A1 and saw Thundercats 2011 around the same time. I go into more detail about that on my log.

Personally, I would have just lowered the ceiling here to create the illusion that itís a bridge. That only works if the polygons are set up right though, else it would lower the ceiling of the whole room. Also, we can now steal the troopersí havok rifles like in Eternal. This same sprite appeared after the first Redux build in Eternalís HD weapons plugin. Like the staff, Leela needs to learn more about it before it becomes more useful, but if it hurts, it works.

This is still an annoying tease like in vanilla. My kingdom for a crouch key like Damage Incorporated! Then combined with the jump plugin, I could squeeze through and take those. There was a baby wasp hiding in there too.

I thought I heard showers or running water. That sewage pipe is a nice touch. The big empty pits leading to the exit are now septic tanks too.

I was partially wrong about the baby wasps: they appear to come in minor and major types like the grown up ones, and the latter are just as horrid as the Eternal wasps. The tunnel to the septic tanks has a few baby major wasps in it.

Trooper havok rifles can also now be fired underwater, as if I didnít hate troopers enough already. The third septic tank has fighters and only one trooper or two maximum in it now. Donít use grenades underwater though: itís a trap like the fusion pistol.

Remember that sewer above? It links the second and third tanks, sucking you from one to the other. The cogs on the floor do harm you but you may be swept through by the current too fast to get hurt much if at all. The door by the terminal is locked.

E2M3/Map05: The Rose

Iíve got some good news and some bad news. Bad news is, this is The Rose and you know what that means: the first of Marathonís two horrible escort quests. Good news is, itís much better than the original in every single way: you can actually win it now, just like the older alpha! :) I havenít tried on Total Carnage but I might later on after this initial run. (Note: Now I have, I also beat it first time but it may be harder. Tips below still apply) Your mission is simple to explain: go postal. Use the assault rifle and pepper every fighter and hulk in the still mostly bare recreation room. The Bobs are no longer defenceless and will not let themselves be taken without a fight. Donít rely on their superior AI to save them though as theyíre still Bobs. Leela says sheíll try to teleport in ammo when she can.

The doors to this area are a unit or two wider so you can let the crew past and herd them through it to safely. Make sure the lift in that area is up and not working until the pfhor and Drinniol up there are dead however. If youíve made good progress so far, SAVE YOUR GAME. You will want backups in case something goes wrong, including on the previous map if necessary. Get the 2nd pistol as soon as possible! Youíll need both of them for less frantic combat and for sniping. Take bullets for Bobby and try to keep the aliens distracted from them as much as possible. Unlike the vanilla game, rescuing the crew in Redux is actually fun.

Count Ďem, boys and girls! This is far more Bobs than Iíve ever been able to save in M1 Classic and M1A1 combined, and thatís even after saving either exactly or just over half the Bobs in the former last time I played it. On Total Carnage.

OK, we have to think strategically here, meaning Iím boned. ÖJust kidding. I did think that when I took that screenshot, but stray bullets that miss them are enough to make them move. Now if only we could force this Bob AI into the main game tooÖ

By the way, why does the fun house have pfhor slime sectors over its alcoves on the map? I can guess from the barriers and bits of paper that itís supposed to be a firing range, which is nice. I never thought of that before.

Best use of 5D space in the mod so far other than the Defend THIS sewer. This appears to be a balcony or true bridge, which I didnít think was possible in Aleph One outside the Better Bridges plugin.

The stamen and petals may be the hardest part other than the recreation room. Be wary that fighters love to teleport in now, like in the sequels. Use the pistols to snipe fighters, MA-75 for hulks and also for everything if thereís Bobs nearby. Remember to save when you can and always keep an eye on the motion tracker. It will reveal if Bobs are nearby too. A word of warning when in the petals: thereís more lizards up there with the hulks, so watch out. The ones in the pistil wonít agro until you walk past the opening to it, but the Bobs held hostage in there should help you kill them. Just watch your aim.

*Clang clang!* ďHello? Is anyone there? Can we come out now?Ē

Given what the terminal behind them is and the sign on the door, they are either rebels caught with their pants down, or regular colonists/crew who stumbled onto one of their dead drops.

Itís also worth noting that the automap functions partially like the one in Eternal X, where it shows Bobs properly, like a radar screen. Unlike Eternal X, it still doesnít show the Pfhor though.

Now, battered and bruised, I use a red health terminal and can finally show off what I should have seen in M1A1 years ago:


E2M4/Map06: Smells like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken!

I get it: Itís a dance mat to get down with the awesome Euphoria version of Chomber.

I like how the shuttles now have a way in and out of the drydock, but itís still too small and doesnít look anything like a drydock, other than the jacks in the middle. Not complaining though, as itís just an alpha, plus the ship entrance is at least trying.

I didnít get those ďindex westdoor, a nil valueĒ warnings above last night at 2:00 AM (time of writing) when I reached this map, but I did now after reloading this morning after breakfast. I donít know what it means, though Iíd guess it has something to do with the bulkhead door near where I saved last night. Either way, itís bugging me. Thankfully they go away once I close both doors. However, it comes back periodically for the rest of the level.

There are wasps galore here like vanilla but lots are the major baby ones and the vermin respawn within seconds as do the Sípht. Fun, fun fun!

I end up wasting a lot of ammo and time running back to heal and save thanks to those bug pests. I also appear to trap a couple of Bobs behind the second bulkhead. Oops. I end up nearly out of assault rifle clips by the time I reach the exit, though I thankfully got the flamethrower. (Note: My total carnage run was even worse. I could not make it through and I ran too low on ammo, which led to me lowering the difficulty to minimum for the remainder of the level, before switching it back to Total Carnage after I reached Cool Fusion)

Well, awesome music aside, this quickly turned into the first bad level in Redux. Things to fix for the next build: a lot more detail in the drydock to go with the new ship entrance in the ceiling it has now, turn the monster respawn rates way down and get rid of the tiny wasps. They seriously kill the pacing of this level by wasting my ammo and health. It turns this level from nice with a bit of challenge to just plain not fun, only helped slightly by the music and other bits.

Another thing worth mentioning which also applies to M1 Classic and M1A1 is that thereís no point making a staircase out of the shuttle jack lifts: just flip a single switch for the lowered ones and ride it up. I was surprised when the Rampancy boys didnít seem to realise that in the ASE Podcast.

I wasnít the only one to know this exploit: Both the writer of the Marathon 1 Tour of Duty for this level and my Steam friend did too.


I did notice that the giant potato I found growing in one of the tunnels in the older build is gone now.

Itís meant to be the pfhor shuttles replacing the old M1 Sfiera sprite, but it sure looks like a giant potato growing into some pipes up close.

From this point onward, you can now reload and carry more batteries for the shock staff. This is what I like about the alien weapons in Redux including the staff: they get progressively better over time the more we learn about them. It fits the story as well as the gameplay, especially as Leela tells us how to actually work the devices, as opposed to PIDs ďget better with practiceĒ level up system, or your more standard RPG affair of System Shock 2, where you just spend a lot of XP on ďexotic weaponsĒ so you can magically know how to use them.

E2M5/Map07: Cool Fusion

The vacuum chamber you start in actually works as well, but unlike the older build this now includes the hallways, with only the charge conduits and outlying areas being safe, so charge your level 1 shields (2X health i.e. yellow bar) and read the terminal quickly.

Other than the lava pipes, the fusion pistol room now has its own wave pool.

Itís in the vanilla HD textures plugin too, but thatís the loudspeaker texture I mentioned previously. The charge conduit door on this side briefly opens a 2X shield station (3X health i.e the purple bar) but you can cheese it out through the platform when it closes again.

The new flamethrower design is slick and it no longer blows its load in 7 seconds like it does in the Trilogy. Itís failing in the old build was that its new range sucked, being significantly shorter than the original trilogy and it didnít seem to do much damage. The latter has been rectified and itís hard to tell from spritework but I think its range is the original one too. There was a poll on the Pfhorums a while ago to see how the Redux flamethrower should function and the one I personally wanted to see (burst of realistic flamethrower stream) was out in front, which is good.

Real flamethrowers are basically literal fire hoses in terms of range, which a lot of games, movies etc. get wrong as movie & TV prop flamethrowers need to be gas based jets for relative safety.

Some Bobs snipe the pfhor in the room above from a stairwell, and a break in the guardrail lets me reach the new terminal above me (also in the older build).

There was talk of replacing this gorgeous anime style artwork with live action photos, like Jason Jones did when he played Robert Blake in M2, but I say this is much better. It feels like the logical next step from the 90s western animation portraits in Strife, which came out the same year as Infinity, though it just needs the voice acting.

This is not the first time a Bungie game has been linked to the highest form of 2D animation in existence. That would be Oni. Anyway, our scared buddy here reveals that Durandal is the reason why this part is called ďthe waveĒ. Maybe he was channelling his rampancy escape poem from Map02 (if it was him).

You can still hear her dripping. Is this guy the blue suited one hiding on the other stairs leading up here?

Once I turn on the vacuum pump, I finally find an oxygen station in the hallway leading to the exit. That was hairy. Unlike Map06, this one was hard but fun and I didnít even suffocate.

E2M6/Map08: G4 Sunbathing

I see your reference to the lightyear distance error and raise you a TOZT (the non-flamethrower kind, unless weíre talking Bloody Marys). Leela sends me more ammo just as Iím about to save. This map functions more or less the same with some slight changes: firstly, actual vacuum maps seem to have realistic vacuum now, meaning no sounds and the ones you do hear are muffled. This also means that you wonít hear Sípht shots coming until theyíre right on top of you. Thatís paranoia fuel for ya. Second, there are new inner bulkhead doors to the rest of the ship, but while you can enter them as you turn on the power to each quadrant one by one, the second set of doors inside them remain forever sealed. Third, thereís now Juggernauts making an early cameo in one of the landing bay quadrants. You donít have enough firepower to deal with them, so just run.

More of those strange biohazard box things from Bigger Guns Nearby. What are they?

While you donít have the assault rifle, you can make do with the Havok rifle when you find one, but use them wisely as they donít seem to hold a lot of ammo at this point in the game. You can also now use the staffís projectile attack, since the time Leela explained how they worked earlier I think, but Iíve only just noticed now. The inner switches have pattern buffers next to them and at least one new terminal.

More awesome anime character portraits, this time showing off the first female Bob we know of besides Javen.

2 guesses what happened to her support ticket. A hunter sneaks up on me as I read this terminal. Hunter shots in Redux are smaller and harder to dodge.

Howís it going? I still have no idea what the large, green active camo/transparency chip shaped things are meant to be. I think I was told what they were before, but Iíve honestly forgotten. The last outer switch room still has air in it and it gets sucked out when I open the door, gibbing an unfortunate lizard inside.

So, Durandal is the reason G4 Sunbathing is in vacuum! It most likely killed everyone who wasnít wearing a spacesuit or vacuum proof armour in the area. No wonder Tycho is pissed at him later!


END RECORD VIEW [2794.7.3.0830 L]

Once again, Durandalís Portal esque sense of humour never ceases to delight me, even when heís committing indirect murder. I start to run low myself as I read, so I have to run back to the middle for air.

I think this bridge is just a basic platform with handrails type. Also, the Commander Hunter makes an early bird cameo here too as the first boss fight. He has homing shots like some of his buddies in Infinity and Eternal. I also like how the satellite dish now slowly activates and then aligns itself when you flip the switches.

More in Part 2.

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