Violet Ever..Marathon? -------SPOILERS-------
Posted By: BarniDate: 11/19/21 8:15 p.m.

So i was watching Violet bestanimEvergarden and by the last episode at the moment when Violet pulls out the bomb on the bridge, the mechanical parts of the prosthetic starts to rip through her dress, revealing no other than the Marathon Symbol, wich under tremendous stress ends up blowing up
So what do you guys think ?
Coincidence? Unlikely
Is Violet the most "recent" "incarnation" of the Security Officer? Probably
Is she the 11th Mjolnir Cyborg from the colony? Maybe
Is she playing on Total Carnage? As it should be, but as a pacifist
Am i making things up? Pretty sure

I dont know how to do it, but i would like this entry to be added to the Marathon Symbol compilation section of the story page. It would be sort of new as far as Marathon Symbol appereances go

Here are the pictures and a link to the scene









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