Let's Play Halo SPV3: SPV3.3 Comparison Episode 5
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 10/18/21 7:46 a.m.

Part 5: Rebellion

Stage 10: The Maw - FINALHAZARD

FINALHAZARD Ė Ingue Ferroque

Itís time. As with SPV3.2 in the main Tour, we use the pelican from the end of None Left Behind to reach the Pillar of Autumn. Itís still corny compared to the original banshee from SPV3.1 and vanilla, but at least we get an explosion when the ship dunts off the Autumnís hull. One of the armour abilities I find here is an energy sword. Yes, we get to finally use energy swords in SPV3 like the hunter weapons!

The problem is that we trade off the partial regenerating health, which makes the already hard Flood hive in the new areas even harder on Legendary. It was added to give us another light source to use in the dark Flood hive as well as make dealing with the hoards a little easier at the expense of needing to get closer.

The fight to the cryo chamber is a little harder without regenerating health and no flashlight: the torch cannot be used when the sword is recharging. The terminal message in the Cortana terminal is still the same as it is on Legendary.


I have to break through the Flood hive and get to the deepest part of the ship where the engine room is. An anchor of responsibility is weighing on me.

I canít tell if this was in SPV3.2 as well but the emergency lights seem to be brighter in places, making it feel slightly less pitch black, not that it helps much.

I donít know if itís a good thing or a bad thing atmosphere wise but the hellish red fog is pretty ominous.

By the light of my sword, you can see the slide in the crushed vehicle tunnel a lot clearer than you could in the main Tour. The hive and stairs at the bottom are still the hardest part of this section but I seem to be having less trouble this time. Practice makes perfect.

Iíll never get tired of the SPV3 Mawís Alien 1 vibes. That black hole grenade bugs up and stays stuck on so I just had to get a screenshot of that too.

ďGet down! A shaking, spinning, touching, painful feeling!Ē

FINALHAZARD - Worst Natural Disaster: 7 Ringworlds of the Forerunners

The engine room doesnít seem that different so thereís not much to cover. However, the sword may come in handy for the Flood regardless of your other guns.

After taking the elevator up I decide to take the expert mode. As the Arbiter raced to his escape ship on a go-kart, so do I on a quadbike. Thereís another mongoose by the exit of the warthog bay besides the one in the shortcut later: thatís a replacement for when this one gets too damaged.

Like taking the mongoose quadbike in the final run of Halo 3, taking the gungoose quadbike in SPV3 is a lot harder as the bike has a serious problem with flipping over if you donít angle the camera exactly right when doing your jumps. Yes, the gungoose has air control, which takes getting used to.

The bright red lights in the crane highway jump area are new to this version. I also hit the curved tunnel below and ramp out the other side without flipping once.

The final drive up to the ship is hilarious as the mongoose can squeeze through the gap in the cylinders that the warthog canít. John automatically jumps off as you get close to the longsword however so you canít drive it right into the loading ramp. Sadly thereís still no Legendary Johnson ending, but this time I can end this SPV3 version comparison on a high note.

All previous versions removed the credits screens from Halo PC because Halo PC and CEA Xbox 360ís credits were shit. However, even the shit credits were better than none at all. In the main Tour, I used screenshots of Halo Refined for the Xbox credits as that mod for Halo PC (pre 343 fixing Classic mode in both remakes on MCC at long fucking last) restores them and they play after the PC credits, which are used for the mod instead.

SPV3.3 fixes that issue of the old ones, CEA and vanilla Halo PC Gearbox by giving us its own credits screen followed immediately after by the original Xbox ones! Unlike Gearbox Halo PC, CEA and the non-Xbox credits in Halo Refined, both credits in SPV3 are worth watching.

I see Bobís moved up in the world since his days on the Marathon and aiding Durandal and Marcus Jones in the other three games of the series counting Eternal.

Some of those voices seem to be for Lumoria.

Much like Alex with his CD audio songs, Craig Hardgrove with his orchestrated Marathon Eternal soundtrack and the guys who did the 2013 Quicktime and Euphoria remixes of the Marathon tracks, I highly recommend checking out and listening to Jafetís SPV3 soundtrack, which heís got on his bandcamp. Theyíre all great remixes for an awesome fan remake of Halo 1.





Likewise, Masterz and everyone. And on that bombshell, itís time to end the Halo SPV3 Tour of Duty for good. Hopefully Viking Boy Billy will do the Halo 2 one at some point, either Project Cartographer or even Anniversary in classic mode now that 343 Industries have fixed it. I still recommend Halo 2 PC with the latest version of Rebalanced however, as it restores Xbox stuff too. MCC also has Rebalanced added to it as well. I may do a Legendary playthrough on those like I did on my own for Halo 2 PC. This is Lion O Cyborg signing off.

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