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Posted By: TychoDate: 9/9/21 5:43 p.m.

In Response To: oo5 (Godot)

The initial JS in the head never returns "3" which is the only time the mouseOver behaviour you described is implemented for.

"3" was supposed to be the version variable set to if the browser's User Agent detection in that little bit of JavaScript in the head got a return of "Mozilla/3.0" which Mozilla browsers no longer return. If that bit of JS still works (it appears to) the easiest part is to remove the "3.0" in that string and just have it check for Mozilla. It doesn't make sense in 2021 to limit the behaviour to just Mozilla browsers, but it depends on how pure you want to stay to the original design. Depending on how you want to hack up the code, be aware that the only place the alternate variable store for the animated gift ONLY gets defined in that "if" statement that sets the version variable to "3". If you chop it up quite a bit, you have to make sure that "readoutOn = new Image;" gets set somewhere in your new code so that the browser doesn't throw a "Uncaught ReferenceError: readoutOn is not defined"

: I have just added the 5th iteration of Double Aught's website to the Story
: page.

: While I am using the original HTML code it would appear that Randy Reddig
: didn't fully implement oo5.

: Specifically there is code which should allow MouseOver to change

: readoutoff.gif

: to

: readouton.gif

: If you are knowledgeable enough... please check the code of index.html and
: determine how we might get this to work.

: I would like to do this with minimal changes to Randy's original code if
: possible. I know there is an easy way to implement this but I would like
: to stay true to Randy's original intent.

: I'll add the fully implemented oo5 page to the DA section.

: Thanks.

: Cheers
: Hamish

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