Marathon Eternal 1.2.1 Release Candidate 2 *LINK*
Posted By: Aaron FreedDate: 9/7/21 1:49 p.m.

In Response To: Marathon Eternal 1.2.1 Release Candidate 1 *LINK* (Aaron Freed)

Some ten days after RC1, weíve released our second release candidate for Eternal 1.2.1 (again, expand ďEternal X 1.2Ē).

Last week, I replayed RC1 in its entirety and changed the most pressing flaws I noticed; RC2 is the result. Beyond the enhancements in RC1 (of which the most important were probably fixes to Windows crashes and much faster load times), RC2 fixes at least three game-breaking bugs and numerous smaller issues (physics inconsistencies between levels, hall of mirrors glitches, and so on); it also makes a few physics changes that hopefully make the game more enjoyable.

I suspect RC2 is feature-complete; there are undoubtedly still some bugs to fix, but apart from those, the ďofficialĒ release of 1.2.1 probably wonít play meaningfully differently. If youíve been hesitant to try previous Eternal development releases because of potential instability, I think thatís probably not a major concern with this one, but Iíd appreciate any testing/feedback people here could provide. When we feel itís been tested enough, weíll release 1.2.1 officially; Iím hoping to put a wrap on it this month, and the more testing it gets, the likelier thatíll be.

1.3 will follow the official release of 1.2.1 (in fact, to a large extent, Iím working on the two in parallel), but I canít yet say whether thatíll be late this year, early next, or later than that. (I really hope itís not later than early next year.) Itís still months off, at the earliest.

If you experience any pressing issues (inescapable game locks, game-breaking bugs, untextured polygon sides, etc.), please let us know. Other than that, we hope you enjoy it!

: Get it here (click "Eternal X 1.2" to expand).

: This is not purely a bug fix release; it features new sounds, remastered
: sounds, and some fairly significant gameplay changes to a few levels in
: addition to bug fixes. However, the most important change is that it
: should no longer cause the 32-bit Windows app to run out of memory.
: (Additionally, and for the same reason, it should load much faster.) It
: also (hopefully) fixes a few potential lock conditions whereby players
: could inadvertently render levels impossible to complete, thus requiring
: them either to use the Lua console to progress or to restart from an
: earlier saved game.

: This is nearly feature-complete; apart from bug fixes, the only change
: left is that Iím going to change the playerís staff bolts and uncharged
: fusion cannon shots to activate switches. (Uncharged fusion cannon
: shots activated switches in 1.2.0, but since players could deactivate
: some switches that wouldnít reactivate by hitting them with multiple
: fusion cannon shots, we disabled this at some point in 1.2.1ís
: development. However, we determined that this was a fault with the
: levels and should be fixed on that end, since itíd be possible to
: deactivate them by tabbing them twice as well; moreover, itís better for
: the pace of gameplay for the fusion cannon to activate switches.)

: Besides that, we just need testing and bug fixes in order to release 1.2.1
: final. If you experience any bugs, let us know here! The biggest priority
: to fix are game-breaking bugs, such as crashes, inescapable traps, and
: lock conditions like the ones described above. Smaller bugs may not be
: fixed until 1.3.

: 1.3 will still follow, hopefully in a few months, but given how much
: feature creep itís experienced, we may not finish it this year. If not this
: year, then weíll hopefully have it ready early 2022, though.

: Iím in the process of playing through all of 1.2.1 RC1 on Total Carnage;
: Iíll be posting my films to a YouTube playlist as I encode them. You can
: use these to preview the gameplay or as references in case you get
: stuck.

: Enjoy!

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