Re: Currently playing Trojan
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 8/12/21 4:58 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Currently playing Trojan (General-RADIX)

: Couldn't get too far due to technical difficulties, but I still remember the
: big 'ol infodump that Merlin foists on the player, every word of it
: sounding like something that should've been revealed many chapters later.

: (Oh, and piddling around in time periods that are NOT the one that's
: thematically relevant.)

Of course they're relevant. In any time travel story, there's exactly 3 ages:

- The stone age full of dinosaurs and cave men
- The dark age that's full of anachronisms and, no matter what country the time traveller came from, they always land in Ye Olde England of all the places they could have ended up in that period.
- The future with unfeasible hoverboards, holograms, humanoid robots, and flying cars, but no internet.

Spoilers: Excalibur ticks all three.

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