Codex Quaerentinis
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 7/22/21 6:56 a.m.

I have read Forrest of B.org's book, The Codex Quaerentis.. It is all about the philosophy of Commensurablism, and Forrest's political opinions. What is commensurablism? The tl;dr of it is: it's common sense.

There's a misconseption we all have, including myself before reading, that "common sense" is equivalent to "common knowledge," or stuff obvious things everyone knows and can work out easily. But we see around us that this idea of common sense fails to live up to the reality of how people behave. But now I know, after reading, what common sense really means.

Common sense isn't sense that everyone has. It's sense that is universal. It is useful to anyone, no matter the context.

As such, it's written in terms-of-use-agreement-ese, a style that takes multiple readings to sink in. This is necessary to communicate exactly what he means to elaborate; nothing more, nothing less, and no false or ambiguous interpretations. That said, reading the codex for philosophical enlightenment (which is a term that is defined in the text) is far more worth your time than slogging through an end-user agreement to tick a checkbox.

It paints a backdrop to the morality that bleeds through Marathon Eternal.

I'll give some more in-depth and spoilerific feedback to the man himself, and then when I've run out of excuses to delay it, I'll move on to another book review for the story forum. Something I'm dreading could spit on my childhood. As an old-fogey on this ancient forum for a game made on fossilized hardware, 'modernized' takes on things I regard classic gets on my nerves. Reboots of things in the modern era that were period centric that make me say "leave it alone"; kids in cartoons whipping out smartphones in cartoons make me groan that it's so obviously dated; franchises dragging on long after they've been spiritually put to death.

Literature is a medium where I'd say we've come farther than the sophisticated advancements of movies and video games, which is odd when the only technology to work with is text on pages, but if you do some googling, you'll see that theory on writing style and what makes good literature has come a long way, with the bottom end of the quality spectrum classified as "mary sue fics."

But the book I'm about to read is one case where I'm not welcome to updating the writing style. At least, not in the way I've been told it's written. I'm not sure if I'll make a multiple-part Tour-of-Duty series of posts or it will all just be one big analysis in one piece.

I'm going in with a huge negativity bias, but, if I learned anything from codex quaerentinis: even if there's no hope, try anyway.

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Codex QuaerentinisVikingBoyBilly 7/22/21 6:56 a.m.
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