Re: Bungie jumps the shark?
Posted By: Tim "Mordeir" BraninDate: 6/28/21 5:55 p.m.

In Response To: Bungie jumps the shark? (ukimalefu)

I feel like Halo: Reach was their shark moment for me. I mean back in the day what I loved abut Bungie was not knowing what they were going to do next. Were they going to do an Anime inspired beat 'em up shooter? a Fantasy RTS? A Scifi FPS where you play a dude in a space suit shooting stuff? After Halo 3 I had a little hope like "Okay, they did Halo. What are they going to do next?", but they just did another Halo, and the n they eventually did Destiny, which didn't feel like a far enough divergence from Halo to interest me, so I feel like Reach was where they cemented themselves as the "dude in a space suit shooting stuff" company from then on.

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