Re: Marathon Infinity *LINK*
Posted By: Aaron FreedDate: 6/13/21 10:29 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon Infinity (sirblastalot)

: The Wrks and the Jjarro are both unbraked AI, right? So maybe the
: universe-eating beings of chaos are just descended from spambots.

This isn't canon in Bungie's games; you're almost certainly thinking of one of the best-known fan scenarios. A major spoiler for said scenario follows; copy the rest of this message and paste it into a ROT13 decoder (such as the one linked below) to read it.

Va Rgreany, gur Wwneb ner zrpunavfrq qrfpraqnagf bs uhznavgl gung geniryyrq onpx vagb gur cnfg ng fbzr cbvag nsgre gur pngnfgebcur qrcvpgrq va Rgreany’f cebybthr. Gur Wwneb gurzfryirf qrsvar gur znwbevgl bs J’exapnpagre nf “znq Wwneb”; ubjrire, gur bar gung penfurq vagb gur Lhpngna cravafhyn jnf... fbzrguvat ryfr (vg’f arire rfgnoyvfurq jung, orlbaq vg orvat fbzr orvat bs terng cbjre), naq gur bar va Yu’bjba’f fha vf zbfg yvxryl gur fnzr fcrpvrf nf gur bar gung penfurq vagb gur Lhpngna. Gur Wwneb’f qrsvavgvba bs “znq Wwneb”, ubjrire, hygvzngryl obvyf qbja gb “zrqqyrf jvgu bhe qrfverq gvzryvar”, juvpu unf gur engure qvfgheovat vzcyvpngvba gung gurl znl jryy raq hc qrsvavat Qhenaqny naq Frphevgl Bssvpre nf J’exapnpagre va gur cbfg-Rgreany gvzryvar.

Vapvqragnyyl, gur Csubehzf’ Znenguba Qvfphffvba frpgvba unf n fgvpxvrq guernq gb gur rkgrag bs “RGREANY VF ABG PNABA VA GUR ZNENGUBA FGBEL” orpnhfr guvf rivqragyl pnzr hc fb bsgra gurer, juvpu V svaq nzhfvat.

Boyvtngbel shyy qvfpybfher: V’ir orra bar bs Rgreany’f yrnq qrirybcref fvapr irefvba 1.2.


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