Re: Marathon 2 ... Blindfolded!
Posted By: GodotDate: 5/6/21 10:18 p.m.

In Response To: Marathon 2 ... Blindfolded! (Orion Haunstrup)

: Hi all. My name is Mrchallah.

: I just wanted to stop by and say that, if anyone wants to come join me on
: watching the adventure, I've been trying to slowly beat Marathon 2 (my old
: childhood favorite game ever) while BLINDFOLDED! I've been at it for about
: a year now, and I've made it as far as level 7.

: I've been posting my progress on my YouTube channel: Here's a sample video
: from level 3:
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asOa_-QkMAo&list=PLWtaJadAw7rARvS6PYbp4S46GSFKnXv97&index=14&t=8s

: Wish me luck!
: Cheers to all,
: -Mrchallah

Covid mask use #7

Watching these films I am like...
"Watch it"
"Over there"
"In the corner"
"Behind you"
"Good shot"

This is akin to those concert pianists who play concertos blindfolded. Only difference is they don't have folks shooting at them.

Even with the best mental map in your head I am guessing it is easy to get turned around.

Oh... just as well you are doing Marathon 2. Would love to see [excuse the pun] how you would handle Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap. ;)

Best of luck.


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