Re: Destiny referencing Marathon, again.
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 3/12/21 3:18 p.m.

In Response To: Destiny referencing Marathon, again. (Orihaus)

: I don't know how closely the community is following Destiny here. So much is
: happening now thanks to seasonal content and yearly major expansions I'm
: sure it's not the easiest thing to follow lore wise if you're not a
: regular player? Hell, I play it all the time and the lore still goes over
: my head, even though Bungie have gotten better and better at integrating
: it into the actual moment-to-moment gameplay. So I thought I'd provide
: some updates here, since after direct references to MIDA and K'lia, it's
: very clear there are strong connections.

: -Clovis Bray's Journal
: For a collectors addition of a recent expansion, Bungie included what I can
: only call a 'feelie'. It's a rambling journal filled with diagrams, data
: logs and rants from the megalomaniacal CEO turned megalomaniacal AI,
: Clovis Bray. It reads like Durandal's private journal, and that's
: absolutely intentional. It's the dying Clovis' (all too successful)
: attempt to become an immortal AI, full of direct and indirect allusions to
: Marathon, talk of the closure and heat death of the universe, escape, and
: a project codenamed PFHOR (Competitive Immortality Through Primogeniture
: of Future-History Ontogeny/Rephylogeny). No I have no idea how that ends
: up as PFHOR, but it's what they go with.

It's not just pfhor, it's a CIPFHOR! Like cipher? Well, that ancient Arcadian guy polybios (Many?Lives?) invented one of those things and that became a big video game legend. (Legend, as in it doesn't exist)

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Destiny referencing Marathon, again.Orihaus 3/10/21 12:36 a.m.
     Re: Destiny referencing Marathon, again.VikingBoyBilly 3/12/21 3:18 p.m.

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