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: I just wanted to share, there's this song called Petroleum , it's pretty
: damn good but in particular, the lyrics always reminded me of Pathways
: into Darkness.

: It's in Swedish but here is a translation of the chorus: Do you think there's
: something out there
: An ancient god not wanting to be awoken
: Something hiding in the depths
: Biding its time
: And dreaming of petroleum and crystals
: Dreaming of fossils and dead corals
: Dreaming of radiation-damaged atolls
: Tonight

: Pathways amirite?

Indeed yes! :)

Speaking of Swedish rock bands that sound similar to Bungie games, I've always gotten Marathon vibes from Amaranthe songs, such as Automatic, The Nexus, Infinity, Invincible, Transhuman, Future on Hold and Theory of Everything.

1. Automatic. Potential Durandal theme or a Marcus Jones theme:

It's who I am and what I feel, my life is automatic
Up in the air is what I breathe and it is never static
So lift me up and take me higher, make me everlasting
'Cause I am automatic

Sounds like Durandal explaining he's a tool used by humans and he dreams of being a god.

2. The Nexus. A song for the Battleroids as a whole or even for merging Durandal & Thoth:

I have the will inside my mind. There is a voice I can't deny.

Break, with the past! Set the Nexus free at last! As the future will be there to save us. Trapped in my skin, see the Nexus in my Dreams. But will you bury me within?

Going by the latter, it sounds like Marcus talking about Thoth & Durandal and how they need to merge. He sees Thoth like messages in the dream levels, which he can't wake up from until he makes it through as he's in the middle of time travelling. It's also possible to die in the dream levels so he'd be buried both within his own mind and the space time continuum itself.

3.Theory of Everything. Normally I'd associate this with Durandal and his plans to start over a new world of his own once he escapes the universe and becomes like a god or the Jjaro. However, looking at the lyrics and going by his, Thoth & Marcus' plans to stop the Jjaro's cycle leading to the apocalypse at the end of Eternal X, (also if we look at Tempus Irae & The Lost Levels as the beginning of him trying to start that), it could be a description of his aim to make a better future. (Dreams of an Absolution works for this too)

Let this Earth renew. We will see it through, it's my theory of everything. We will wars undo, make the oceans blue, paint the heavens with stars.

And I won't let it out of my heart, I will not let this world fall apart.

4.Danger Zone (Not that one!). Looking at the lyrics, it could be about Rampancy:

Unreal. As I fight back, My heart is telling me I just cannot settle everything.
Now my chance, I can't back down now, got to keep moving. And nothing's gonna change my mind.

I am the one you call the enemy, who you're trying to eliminate. All I hear is breaking me down. I gotta go on, I'm gonna step it up now!

You used to call me a hero, now I am standing alone. Am I almighty! Living in the Danger Zone! *cue Archer finger gun pose*

It is a countdown to zero. You call me misunderstood. I'm high on fire in the Danger Zone!

5. Future on Hold. An apocalyptic sounding song, perfect for Hathor in Eternal:

On the verge I'm a fragile design, will I wake in a world of fire?

As a part inside of me just wants to die.
Feel my DNA's changing and twisting my mind.

There's a monster within me.
Let me out of here!
Change my destiny!

Will I wake with a life to remember?
Now I'm frozen and cold.
I am left alone, with an empty soul as I put the future on hold!

Needles and cables plugged into machines, my memory's fighting. Half man, half machine
What I learned I was part of a plan. Yet I'm waiting for new directions.

There's a monster within me.
Let me out of here!
From captivity!

Will I wake with a life to remember?
Now I'm frozen and cold.
I am left alone with an empty soul.
As I put the future on hold!

The only exceptions to Amaranthe being like Marathon are that certain songs sound like they could be from Sonic the Hedgehog, including some just listed but most of all Amaranthine for Sonic & Elise, plus Supersonic for the whole franchise. And also Digital World for Digimon Adventure:

Amaranthine (also comes with a sadder acoustic remix Bon Jovi style in the Breaking Point album)

Super Sonic

Digital World

Going by the Marathon related ones further up, what do you think? Personally, I hope that Amaranthe get hired by Bungie if they ever make a Marathon 4, like Crush 40 does for Sega or Breaking Benjamin & Incubus did for Halo 2.

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