Made a video intro for the Vidmasterís Challenge *LINK*
Posted By: Aaron FreedDate: 8/29/20 8:42 a.m.

The YouTube channel I created a few years ago didnít have a video trailer yet, so I decided to fix that a couple of days ago. The footage I used underpinning the intro text has a strong recency bias to it, simply because I still had films Iíd rendered recently on my HD. Unfortunately, this does mean itís missing any footage of the trilogy proper, but it should still serve nicely as an introduction to the challenge to people who arenít familiar with it yet (which is probably a lot of people on YouTube).

(I could have downloaded trilogy footage from my own channel, but it would have suffered from the problem of inconsistent audio levels, since all of the scenario footage I used in the video features remastered sounds that are 6 dB quieter than the vanilla ones; and I could have re-rendered it with the new, lower audio levels I now use, but Iím already planning to re-render most of the films on my channel once an in-development 60 fps branch gains the ability to render films at 60 fps, and Iíd rather not start rendering films three times unless it proves strictly necessary.)

The two games most represented are Tempus Irae (which Iím helping to make a new version of; weíre hoping to have a release candidate around the end of the year, but we canít promise anything) and Chronicles (my own half-finished mod that I still plan to finish one of these days), with Where Monsters Are in Dreams (another partially finished mod that Iím working on), Phoenix, Yuge, and Eternal also putting in appearances. Most of the footage is me playing, but Dr John Sumner is playing in two of the Tempus Irae films, and Tooncinator is playing in the Yuge film.

Speaking of Dr Sumner, Hamish might also be interested to know that Iíve got a lot of films from him that donít appear on the Vidmastersí Page, completed fists only and/or without recharging. Given that the Vidmastersí Page hasnít been updated since 2011, it might be worth adding those. They are found under ĎDr John Sumnerís fists only packsí and ĎDr John Sumnerís ďno rechargingĒ filmsí. Included in both packs is Dr Sumnerís second film of ĎAcme Stationí, which was completed both fists-only and without recharging.

And speaking of ĎAcmeí, I also have two films of the level from aperturegrillz, both completed without recharging. Given that aperture is primarily known as a speedrunner, it probably wonít surprise anyone to know that his second vid film of ĎAcmeí is the fastest known vid film of the level. I donít have links for apertureís actual .filA files up, though; Iíll have to fix that later today, when time permits.

Anyhow, I noticed a couple of small mistakes in my video Ė most notably, an annotation intended to provide the URL to the Vidmastersí Page wasnít included, and the segment of ĎSomething Wickedí that I included wasnít the one I meant to include Ė so I probably will remake it with added Bungie footage once the aforementioned 60 fps branch can render films. However, Iím still quite pleased with how it turned out overall.

Comments are welcome.

Vidmasterís Challenge 101

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Made a video intro for the Vidmasterís Challenge *LINK*Aaron Freed 8/29/20 8:42 a.m.
     Re: Made a video intro for the Vidmasterís ChallenTycho 8/29/20 5:07 p.m.

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