Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 8/11/20 2:45 p.m.

In Response To: Re: XBLA HUD (Document)

: Good point. Probably an artifact of its being designed for consoles rather
: than PCs. It'd be nice to be able to at least have a pause menu with an
: "inventory" option (along with preferences); and/or HUD messages
: for item pickups.

In other words the messages would be like GZ Doom and PID do (minus the original/OSX PID's dead monster messages) One way to implement the inventory could be doing it so the HUD displays the XBLA ones when you resize the HUD small enough and the classic HUDs when increasing the size again, like in the original Build engine trinity.

This feature could use the same keys as zooming the automap but only when the map isn't showing. That way, you could "zoom out" to see the old HUD and inventory, then use the inventory scroll keys as normal.

-The smallest size would be the M1 Classic "magnadoodle" shaped HUD with unique designs for M2 & M3 plus a Classic/OSX PID based one for Pathways A1.

-The next one would be the M2 Classic status bar design, which had an M1 version as default in M1A1.

-The next highest would be the XBLA and/or Eternal HUDs depending on the game (Eternal GUI plugin would replace the XBLA HUD with the Eternal one. PID A1's counterpart would be its default HUD)

-The maximum zoom level i.e. minimum HUD size would be no HUD at all: just the world view like in M1 Classic & PID's "fullscreen" mode. (F1 key by default)

This may require code tweaks in the engine to work so I don't know how big a priority implementing this would be compared to other things.

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