Re: It's working now!
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 10/12/19 8:23 a.m.

In Response To: Re: It's working now! (VikingBoyBilly)

: About that. I haven't given up folks, but I had no clue the map I picked was
: going to be Return of Aye Mak Sicur With a Vengeance (I never played the
: failure planks). This map is so nonlinear polygon spaghetti and there's
: buttons everywhere I can't even tell what they do, it's a nightmare to
: verbalize it. But I think imma gonna try and finish it off tomorrow. And
: ship the writeup off to Lion O for some more tuning.

It's Killing the Giant's as they Sleep isn't it? That one is a doozy now, as the uppermost floor new to 1.2 is the original second success level from Chapter 3 which was replaced in 1.1 with Third Rock From Lh'owon:

In older versions, the lower part was called May the Pfharce Be With You, which sounds like it's meant to be a Star Wars pun, but they used an A instead of an O for some reason, unless it was also meant to be a pun on "farce".

In the old Chapter 3 map above, which was called My Greatest and Only Love, you were trying to prevent the Pfhor from firing a Trih Xeem at Lh'owon's sun by either firing it too early or simply cancelling the charge.

The goo waterfall in the middle above the reactor basement in the 1.2 map was supposed to be the Early Nova device and the goal of deactivating the Trih xeem was re-imagined as disabling the reactor. Hathor originally contacted you on one or two of the terminals in the bridge to the north but in 1.2 her message was removed.

I also found something interesting: if you grenade jump or normal jump into the goo waterfall shaft after the waterfall is turned off, you enter the Twilight Spar...I mean Twilight Zone:

You aren't meant to go down there though, so you won't see the HOM error unless you look for it. There are 2 HOM effects in plain sight on a later failure plank though, and transparent liquids seems to cause some on certain waterfalls in chapter 5 for some reason (due to making the waterfall see-through into the void), even though I'm sure 1.0 didn't have them.

The map after this also has a new secret teleporter added by Shining Raven, but I never found it in my own playthrough. It might be worth checking out. I can't give away its location or where it leads to though.

On the writeup front, I myself got as far as the Chapter 3 success plank though I've been taking a break so far. The success and stage 1 planks up to that point just need posted. (Minus chapter 3 failure)

Looking forward to seeing the writeup.

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