Eternal X Tour of Duty Chapter 2 Stage 1
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 4/30/19 9:48 a.m.

Chapter 2: Enemy Stage 1: Spring Surprise

Act 1: Hysterical Womb

Last time on Tour of Duty, we sided with Tycho like we were supposed to but failed to stop Hathor as she fled through time to a major battle against the Pfhor post Marathon 2.(I think) While following her, I dreamt of a rocky plateau in/above Kingdom Valley with the sea crashing and swirling in the sky. Forrest noted in the last part that the view of the bay at the end of the valley and Refraction Canyon in the skybox is actually a photograph of New Zealand. Thatís really cool. I love to know where it was taken.

Not to bring up Doom again prematurely (as I have a better place for that in this part), but it makes me think of how Phobos skybox in Doom 1 was made using a heavily pixilated picture of Yangshuo County in China, presumably as John Romero hated Tom Hallís idea of using a realistic black space sky like Phobos actually has.

Now I find myself on an observation deck of a Pfhor ship not too far away from a Pfhor military outpost.

The major enforcers seem to use the sprites of that of Marathon 2/Infinity and they use the other kind of Sun Gun: the Plasma Flamethrower, referred to in this game as the Napalm Cannon. It seems to fire miniature suns at people, literal ďthrowing stars."

I will have to split up the chapters into three stages instead of two, due to the post length limit I encountered in Chapter 1 Stage 1: Stage 1 will be up to the split and the other two will be the planks, failure first.

The Pfhor ships look an awful lot like the Covenant carriers from Halo 2, but with the Marathon 1/Halo 1 Classic design of black with little red lights. They have a sort of fish-like shape to them:

Exhibit A


(Couldnít find a still. Itís at 2:02. This was replaced with the durian bomb and Earth not being on fire in the final game)

Exhibit B

Exhibit B2

The Plasma Flamethrower I am holding is using a brand spanking new HD sprite unlike the main trilogyís one. You can see the plasma inside a glass tube and what looks like a little fan on the end. Not to make another lewd comparison like I did the SD Havok Rifle, but it looks like some kind of exotic vibrator.

Goran is the one who made the HD textures for the trilogy (Marathon 1 and Infinity specifically) I think. He did a good job and this map is quite nice too, if a little tricky in the tall cyborg rooms based on my experience with 1.0 & 1.1.

Oh hell no. Tycho has just found his corrupt pfhor clones. One of them may well have intergrated itself into him. I hope he is able to stop it from overwriting his main code; I like the original Tycho! I donít want him to be tainted again!

Hathor was here, but she left for the Pfhor military colony below. She locked us out of the command network as she must have known we were coming. And that there is a major reason she was even able to get here; Tycho says that his new subroutines would have to be from an AI using the exact same unique encryption that his software uses. Based on what weíve just seen and realised you can probably guess, but I ainít spoiling till we get there.

This isnít the first time we fight the Pfhor controller cyborgs. I always hated it in Marathon 1 as it was building up to a climactic boss fight and the boss ended up dying to a single rocket. And you still had to kill his guards. It was a massive anti-climax and set the stage for the other two games having copy-pasted juggernaut tanks for bosses and shit endings, especially Infinity. The other two gameís endings are less shit when you remember they are part of a trilogy, but they still donít have any bosses, just like Pathways into Darkness with its awful cop-out I covered in the PID Tour of Duty.

As before, it wouldnít be until Halo when we got the Warthog Run to make up for it and proper boss fights in Halo 2, which I praise to high heaven, poor or weird implementation or not.

Marathon Redux by Liacrow intends to fix the controller boss as I saw in the alpha: so far rockets no longer work and he moves around on his throne a bit to dodge your shots. Itís 98% better and all it needs is an attack or two, less monsters to fight and perhaps to jump off his throne and fight on solid ground. Then it will be perfect. That isnít for me to decide though as itís not my mod.

Eternal uses the original pushovers from Marathon 1 Classic and M1A1, which only take slightly longer to kill as we have no RPG. Thereís nothing wrong with that as itís making the most of what it has.

Behind me is a chip we need to power the elevator off this deck. Thereís also a handy, dandy save terminal and 2x shield station right next to it. The textures and chip slot look cool too:

Itís animated so you canít see the effects exactly, but it looks like a wall made of scales and the floppy disk is 3D. The Pfhor do have more reptilian species in their hierarchy, like Hunters and maybe enforcers. The avian higher ups likely arenít seen, not even in Rubicon X where we see the killer egg cells who are their full leaders; Itís mostly bugs and lizards for us. The fighters also have a sort of lizard look to them, so maybe they start out as bugs and mutate into lizards and onward through those pupae we saw in the nursery on Ainít Got Time Pfhor This.

They still reproduce using eggs but we just never see the actual eggs; just the pupae that the Pfhor appeared to model on them. At the bottom of the lift are two Stalker Cyborgs, so named as they are in the story basically the same idea as Stalkers from Half Life 2; i.e. they are made from captured human slaves who resisted one too many times and are now stripped of almost all their humanity, bodily functions and run on saline solution.

They use scatter rifles now instead of their exploding bowling balls from the original trilogy. They still have the bowling balls but they use them less. I die to them a couple of times.

Through the south door is a liquid thundrillium pool with a pair of round lifts on it. Iíll just refrain from this particular comparison unless anyone asks as it will get old quickly.


At the top are a pair of hunters, a pair of major enforcers and the first cyborg. They take out my shields but I jump with my knees around to the second enforcer and take pot shots on the way down to recharge. The cyborg is now animated unlike the original game and when he dies, lightning arcs from his electronics up to his head and pop it off like a Pez container. Sadly I didnít get this on film. (as opposed to tape)

The doors behind the enforcers contain teleporters to similarly shaped halls and junctions connecting to small thundrillum pools and two tall towers with the other cyborgs at the top. These towers typically contain enforcers of either one or both flavours, hunters, troopers and stalkers.

The west teleporter leads to a cosy little room with a shield station, Save Point and new red/brown carpet.

Thereís a stalker right outside the door who launches a bowling bomb in my face. I live. I head southwest to the first thundrillium room where I find a small group of pfhor, including a trooper. So far, shield stations on this map have been 2X (purple) but there is a 1X shield station on the back of a pillar on the first landing.

The door at the top is locked, but thereís a way into the small green guardroom by an adjacent hall. I kill the hunters in there through a side window with the staff first.

Besides that message is a teleporter to another, locked guardroom elsewhere. This has a switch which I think opens the way into one of the towers or something. I can also save in here. The way in is up a oneĖway step but a simple jump fixes that. This proves to be a bad idea as there are fighters and a trooper back there who take my shields down and shock me to half health. I hit the switch I missed in the other guardroom on my way back for health.

Thereís a bit of a party in the first tower near the intial guardroom: stalkers, and hunters and enforcers. (oh my!) Troopers too, most of them on high platforms that are hard to see. I back into a teleporter while fighting them and reappear next to the fountain below the observation deck.

Making my way back, I go across the pond after dealing with the most problematic pfhor in the tower and enter the northeast thundrillium room. This one appears a bit bigger and has more troopers. They are all a bit deaf.

Past a stalker nearby, I come to the first main thundrillium pool room east of the fountain, which I missed earlier. This has a pattern buffer in it down the steps.

Returning to the tower, I use the scatter rifle to deal with the remaining aliens and the lift in the thundrillium pool to reach the cyborg, guarded by a pair of hunters. Low gravity jumping makes it less annoying to reach the ledges the troopers and enforcers were on to steal their ammo. Donít rely on it though, as you can sometimes bump your head on the ceiling or fail to reach a ledge due to the jump taking you above the doorway, such as the two entrances to the towers. And as you float gracefully through the air like a falcon, you are a big, slow target for the pfhor if they are around.

You also canít jump high enough to reach the higher ledges again except maybe the cyborg one from the upper two, I tested for anti-cheat purposes. Not that it matters if vidding as jump canít be used then either way.

Back at the nipple lifts, I take the east teleporter to another carpet room in the west of the map. I think one of the two rooms had a 1x shield charger in the original Eternal X and the other a 2X but they are both the latter in both X Omega versions.

Thereís a junction with a pumping platform in a sunken well in the middle with two stalkers. This part along with the three towers, pools and observation deck is the most recognisable part of the map.

The east door returns to a previously explored area but itís locked. The north one has angry troopers and more winding corridors. I lose my shields again here and run back for more. The first thundrillium room I come across here has the south entrance to the last tower and a Sípht ambush. Itís right outside the small step jump to the second guardroom where the troopers ambushed me earlier, which I make full use of to escape, again with downed shields.

I come across a reddish brown room with ledges I glimpsed through windows while trying to find a shield terminal. Thereís stalker cyborgs in here and an enforcer with a plasma flamethrower. Thankfully he deals with the cyborg. I also stumble across some monster closets west of the fountain.
I take this opportunity to burn some fighters, but it proves fruitless as I get toasted by an enforcer in the room with ledges and doors ahead. I get payback:

It may be solar powered but you know what they say: All TOZTs toast toast! They can also barbecue meat (the Aussie kind of Barbie, like we have here in the UK) fry circuitry (I think) and function as a jetpack in low gravity ideally. Oh, and they burn monsters too. Yes, thatís the flamethrower description intended for my hypothetical Path of KAP, if a little edited.

Using the mystical power of bending knees and pushing, I check the ledges, one of which has a couple of empty rooms with Sípht in them, another is locked and the other has more empty rooms with fighters and a hunter in them.

I finally manage to get back to the other tower. This one has only two ledges and is a bit bigger. The controller cyborg ledge is longer and curved. Again, low grav jumping and sprint of faith both can net you the goods the enforcers drop. I actually stumbled onto the other thundrillium room across from the second guardroom by accident on the journey here.

Despite Tycho saying to use any terminal, I return to the observation deck for easiness sake and a chance to save.

However, not all monsters are dead; namely a single puny one behind the locked door in the ledge room behind the pair of green overiÖoh I see what you did there! I guess I now know the mapís namesake. Turns out I missed the westernmost hallway, which curves around to a room with that last enemy: a cyborg tank.



And whatís more (spoiler!), SHE STAYS WITH YOU UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME!


This military colony world is not actually the Pfhor homeworld of Plun Darr AKA Pfhor Prime like I first thought when I first played the original Eternal X: we will have to wait until Rubicon for that. Though I think Rubicon was already covered. If not, someone else can do it as I know less about it than Eternal and Iíve only beaten one plank: the Pfhor one. And thatís with skipping back and forth between the two as you need a flowchart just to find out how to proceed in a single plank or cross over.

Tycho is going to lend Leela a helping hand while I go down there and assist her planetside. Hathor was trying to get Leela killed so she must be important here.

Act 2: A Friend in Need

When the road looks rough ahead and youíre miles & miles from your nice, warm bed, just remember what your old pal said I said you got aÖOops, slightly wrong words.

Goran did the original map and Aaron did this version, presumably helping Lia with something very important that debuts on this mapÖ

Some Bobs get picked off by a triad of fighters rising from the rubble ahead and coming down the hall. A windowed room has some much needed fusion ammo for the next chapterís failure plank. This map in general has some good fusion ammo including a rifle further on.

Now being massively rampant as the ending of Marathon 2 foretold, Leela now has her own sense of snarky humour that doesnít cease to be funny, just like Durandal. Either way, cue the champagne!

Likewise Leela, we all missed you so much.

A 1x shield station is around the corner next to a hole in the wall. This portion of the ship smashed into a corridor by the gates. Just as well, as the rubble makes a handy stepladder to climb back up if I need health & shields or to save.

Outside is a battle in the first example of why I chose this particular pWAD over the default one:

After all this time, Aleph One finally has rain and snow effects! And thereís more particles too, going by the description on Simplici7y. Shining Raven did an excellent job, as did Wírkncacnter, who first conceived the code for ember particles in another mod, borrowed from Gregory.


The slaves and tank cyborgs are our allies, but be cautious around the Drinniol as they seem to be more neutral thanks to AI quirks: they usually leave you alone but they are just as happy to attack you instead if they get bored, at least in 1.0 & 1.1. Iím not sure if that was just their berserk mode being triggered or not.

To the west are stairs that lead to a locked door and a lift to the guardhouse. 2 hunters greet me but thereís a shield station. I open the main gate and descend the other guardhouse lift to a room with strange stairs that lift up to reach the top when you canít go further. Nothing up here but some pfhor and a window with more new glass.

Woah, alien party! Thankfully the hulks get massacred so at least I donít have to worry about friendly fire. Thereís a juggernaut however and I am in no fit shape to deal with those tanks. The weapon I use for them isnít for a few chapters yet.

Ahead I take a lift in the rightmost alcove upstairs to a teleporter platform where some Pfhor teleport in. VacBobs on the ledge around the ďarenaĒ help snipe them. There are little halls with thundrillium in them between the teleporter platforms. The first one has a save terminal and a bunch of fighters. An enforcer, hunter and pair of troopers teleport in at the next jump pad, aided by blue fighters on the ledge whose shots are a little too accurate for my taste.

Unfortunately, thereís still the worldís angriest pillow in the courtyard and two new troopers outside the gate. I end up having to reload thanks to the Jugís rocket. This time I use the plasma flamethrower to snipe the fighters from the doorway first.

The next pad has VacBobs, allied Sípht and allied cyborg tanks. The jump pad spawns a Fusion Rifle, which is the first time you get it in 1.0. After that, troopers are on the next padís ledge, time to run back for shields.

The stalker lays waste to a fair number of them before itís destroyed and the Bobís take one too many grenades to the body and live half the life they used to. The Sípht deals with a couple more before it falls as I polish off the surviving troopers with the scatter rifle.

The downstairs troopers get me again when I try to go for shields. The second time the cyborg survives. Two commander hunters and major enforcers await me in the last jump pad, which I accidentally stumble into trying to go and save. I survive.

I finally managed to kill those awful troopers with the scatter rifle and friendly fire before healing and getting more shields. Apparently the fusion induced explosion of the first hunter is wide enough to kill the second one but I survive with no shield or health loss. Next is a room with a deep sea blue ledge where Sípht and Pfhor duke it out.

At the north end of the deep sea blue ledge is a door that goes to a small area with a save terminal and from there is a ledge around the periphery of the previous jump pads. Next is a blue square branching off into passages above the pads. I start to wonder of the flashes and explosions are actually lightning. I know thatís a part of this map file. The east stairs lead to a thundrillium puddle and a higher ledge to a locked door.

The south bridge leads to the place I install the chip, guarded by two hunters. Thereís two switches here that raise catwalks above the courtyard. They arenít cantilevered ledges like I first thought in 1.0 though. God Iíd love that feature to return to Aleph One. Maybe it can via MML, but Weland options are nice too.

In my screenshot run of 1.1, I got lucky and my allies had destroyed the jug. Normally it survives and you have to either play hide and seek in the switch rooms at the end of the spokes or destroy it with grenades and scatter pellets. The jug actually sinks down through two of the catwalk spokes when it crashes.

Each spoke has a switch you activate once to trigger the pads. The first room is empty but the rest are full of hunters. I bottleneck them at the northwest spoke room. The west room loops back through the previously locked door by the west guardhouse lift. With the jump pads now working, I patch myself up, charge up, save and teleport deeper into the city.

Act 3: Unlucky Pfhor Some

When preparing the map snipshots, I realised the pun: as the maps are labelled in numerical order with failure coming first, that makes this one Map 13.

Right away I teleport into the midst of a war. Thereís jugs, Bobís galore who constantly respawn, most Pfhor types and Sípht. I race up the stairs to the south and go up some steps into a shelter with a terminal and shield station.

This map is one of my two absolute favourites of Chapter 2: we are laying siege to a Pfhor city, thereís a constant battle in its streets and we leap from building to building as we go.

This is where my intended Doom comparison comes in as it feels like a better implemented extension of the Crisis City levels in Doom II, namely two of my three favourites there; Downtown & Industrial Zone, but without the latterís lava fissure and real jumping is not required to enjoy them properly, as Marathonís sprint of faith mechanic is far better implemented than Doomís one.

It even has an underused improvised obstacle in Marathon scenarios, which Iíll get to. The song Rushing plays here too, which is where I really started to love Craigís remix of it, as it makes your dashing fight all the more heart-pumping and badass. Or it used to because 1.2 changed it to the significantly less good or appropriate ďFreedomĒ song from Shake Before Using. WHY? That was a #%*@!ng stupid idea.

Sure it may be named after what we are fighting for but the song just doesnít sound right for a full scale war. Itís more suited to guerrilla tactics like Ex Cathedra, Requiem for a Cyborg, (if Marathon 2 had music) or even more appropriately, prison break maps.

Maybe for Eternal it would fit either May the Pfhorce Be With You or the two Corporation maps better.

Anyway, the teleporter behind the terminal is where we and the Bobs teleported in from in the original Eternal X, but it was changed for X Omega 1.1, not exactly sure why. Youíd think Leela would want the Bobs to enter in relative safety. I get in the Bobís case it was to prevent them cluttering up the room as they could easily do, but no reason why we and one or two Bobs only couldnít spawn there.

Fusion batteries are plentiful on the main streets, so nab them if you find Ďem. Directly west is the first building accessed by a lift. The foyer has a balcony up some steps and a short staircase to an odd room with platforms around a small kiosk. I greet the kioskís enforcers as well as the commander & major hunters Kiosk Keith and Kev with a hail of grenades. The east and west sides of the kiosk have switches that open the way ahead and thereís a shield station on the wall.

I know there will be plain health stations again at some point but the question is when. Thereís the odd explosion now and then from Bobís and hulks smashing Juggernaut tanks outside.

You wonít know what that is at first glance or why itís here, but by switching it one with the buttons framing the photo, you see there is no way to cross the gap. Itís too far to jump with either method. This is the best and underused obstacle that makes this map even more fun: you know the man cannon gravity lifts in Halo 2 and 3 onward? This is one of them, recreated in Aleph One with liquid thundrillium and a massive current you canít see that slingshots you to the other side. Any damage from the goo is negligible.

You do get plastered against the wall like in Tom & Jerry when you use it though as the gravity takes a second or two to wear off. Typically the man cannons have safe rooms on the other side so the waiting pfhor canít get you at first.

Ahead is the parkour lifts room, given a makeover with green and blue next to the purple floor. The west exit has a switch and the other one has a ring of platforms with a lift in the middle. In 1.0, these were the only way to get up and you had to jump around in sequence, I think after they rose. I donít know if I am remembering that right as itís been years since I played 1.0.

Both Eternal X Omega versions now have the ring in the middle function as a lift to get up and save the hassle. Thereís a small room with purple fighters and a 2x shield station in there but I have no idea how to get in. This was in 1.1 at least too.

The ring above the switch room leading to the parkour lifts has an ambush by drones coming out of hidden vents in the corners. The parkour lifts are so-called as you sprint of faith to each one, riding up to reach the others on the first.

At the top is a glass elevator looking down on the centre streets but the glass is smashed.

Thereís a shield station and a long awaited pattern buffer up here. It should now be relatively safe to backtrack for extra fusion ammo. I cannot stress enough how much you need it, even though Iíve never been that far in 1.2 yet, Chapter 5 a little less so than the other failure planks. I knock a drone out of the sky by crashing into it when using the grav lift, but I sadly couldnít screenshot it. Just ahead is a second man cannon with major enforcer snipers. After getting some flame cells and switching on the grav lifts, I return to street level to get some more solar konpeito containers for my Pez guns.

In 1.0, I swear the left east lift let you access the passage to reach the right one and that raised you up high enough to reach the west lift. That one would take you to the next platform in the attic. In 1.1 onward, both east elevators lead up to the passage and the west lift is now at ground level. I think that change also sucks as I liked the ďswitchback elevatorsĒ puzzle. Changing it makes the east ones completely useless. However, itís not all bad as 1.2 adds a shield charger in the passage, though there isnít any reason not to bring back the switchback lifts puzzle too.

It also looks really good now in blue with that purple snake pattern decorating the lift panels. I can say I donít miss the doorway ledges just high enough to require jumping or grenade jumping in 1.0 though. As of 1.1, you can get in no problem. I think anyway, it could be false memories again.

Thereís another square lift ring in the attic, also fixed. The way out is by some switches that lower blocks plugging trapdoors. Only the rightmost one works right now. Some pfhor guard a switch that activates one of the other trapdoor buttons, this one the leftmost. Enforcers join the hunters and fighters down here and thereís more of them. Thank god that shield station is downstairs as orignally you had to backtrack.

Down the middle trapdoor is a narrow shaft to a lower floor of this skyscraper with pfhor in it but also a shield charger, oxygen charger and pattern buffer. Up another nearby elevator I finally reach the roof. Thereís a walkway back to the small foyer with Leelaís terminal via the elevator we couldnít use down below. In the middle is a man cannon to the big spire in the middle. Itís the shield generator protecting the city. HmmÖa spire, grav lifts, shields and city ledge hopping. Sound familiar?

Then again, I think Eternal predates that game by 2 years, as 1.0.3 came out in 2008. I got Eternal in 2013, a year after I first played the main trilogy, so that build would have been the default as 1.1 was still in beta.


Iím sorry. Couldnít resist; Junichiís work and talent as both a voice actor and English teacher is just pure awesome. This may well not be the last Junichi Kanemaruís signature role shout out either. Iíll try and think of something different for the next video shout out.

Anyway, this is the best grav lift of them all, as it flings me straight through the wall and I smash through layers of pfhor metal and organic substance until I somehow end up several stories down in a sealed room, the squishy parts acting like some kind of jelly and resealing. I also somehow managed not to break the lights I crashed through either.

Touching them makes a wobbly suction noise (liquid diving sound) so maybe they are bioluminescent? And that panel is on a column I would have seen coming had that one grav lift not been set for Saturn.

Thereís a purple shield charger and a lift leading back to the roof of the spire. I jump around the roof a bit and then jump down to street level, partly because I was blinded by a tank explosion but mostly because I wanted to grab even more fusion ammo. And then a Juggernaut explodes right next to my face, wiping out all my shields and shattering most of my health.

OH SHIT! OH FUCK! OH SHIT! OH FUCK! OH FIT! OH SHUCK! I am relieved to make it back to Leela to heal. Some fun platforming later, back at the spire thereís a freight lift around the corner from the shield station. It leads to the main power core. Thereís a full scale war down here between the pfhor themselves! They somehow are all infighting and out of their rooms as soon as I enter. I thought I had to release them first, whatís going on?

The power core blast casing lowers and I can smash the circuits inside, but only after using my scatter rifle to kill all the bickering pfhor including not one, but four commander hunters. I barely manage to keep my shields up with the charger down here.

Smashing the circuits closes their housing. Leela contacts me at the same terminal as above after the spireís shield is disabled.

Act 4: Unpfhorseen

This already looks a lot cosier, despite being outside. This map will give you hell as itís infested with buggers: thereís a hive not far from here and they like to explore the facility I need to go to next as well.

Unfortunately, thereís only one way to get there: right through the hive. That shadow chip AKA active camouflage will come in handy, but itís largely useless: enemies can still see you but it takes them longer to do so. Unlike the red artifact the UESCís contractor for building the Marathon reverse engineered this armour ability from, it doesnít seem to make monsters any less accurate in their shots, which almost make it a waste of time.

What little respite you get before they do notice you is well appreciated though. Thereís more shadow chips and some purple shield canisters along with the fusion rifle and ammo. Juggernauts are here too as well as drones, Bobs and a lot of pfhor. Hopefully the non-cybernetic humans will distract them so I can follow the winding stairs to the hiveís entrance. It doesnít last: I bump into some blue fighters who block the second set of stairs and they see me.

The hive is now green instead of the grey rock it used to be, which is fitting. Thereís purple shields on the way down which you will need. Nobody knows I am down here yet but god itís dark. I find a pfhor skeleton in the blackness as I follow the stairs to the other way into the hive. Thereís trooper supervisors watching over their pen in here.

No sooner am I past the skeleton when a sodding single waspís spidey sense tingles and all hell breaks loose. The active camo seriously need to be fixed as the only use is ever has is not getting spotted straight away by the Controller Cyborgís guards in Pfhoraphobia and the first two waves of aliens in Ingue Ferroque.

Thereís also drones and explodie bugs in here as well. This whole map, especially the hive cemented my hatred of Eternalís wasps. Iíll spare you the grisly details but letís just say after a single reload, where I found out the other chip was a very handy VISR and I did a better job at remaining undetected, Bernard Blackís cold pizza is going to have more side orders.

The ownerís entrance to the hive is locked and to open it you need to flip an easily missed switch by the bugger entrance tube and press a few more buttons inside the small cylinder in the middle. (Sleeping quarters?)
The masterís entrance to the hive leads to the rooptops again, only now a small clearing has opened. This clearing has a button that raises a set of spiral stairs to the next ledge for a fraction of a second. Run up them as they rise.

The Sípht Kr kick the Pfhorís ass while I raise a bridge to the building Hathor is hiding in. Thereís a Thundrillium stream through the window and some floppy drives. I switch on the power and check in with Leela for the first time this map.

You aided us from the Vylae planet to stop Síbhuthís rampage but died in the process. Maybe it was just another fragment of you but I donít know.

In the thundrillium stream just outside, thereís an enforcers gun just by the inflow pool I didnít see if it was a rifle or flamethrower. Donít bother following it downstream as it gets narrow and dead ends quickly. Thereís 2x shields here and 1x shields in a room with a trooper, which may be redundant except for the overshield chip right beside it. Donít waste that, as unlike their own hive, the blast doors ahead are bugger central.

I pass a mangled puddle of yellow goo, possibly a popped enforcer on the way downstairs. The fight down here isnít pleasant but I only die once. The passages are now dark red/brown when they were also stone in older versions. To the north is a major enforcer and fighters, ahead is a brightly lit room with more pfhor and a swarm of buggers.

Past the thundrillium pool to the north is a small locked room with the first floppy disk (chip) and a basic health stationÖright by a window with a lot of angry pfhor on the other side.

I find another 2x shield station and a pattern buffer by a switch in a room up some stairs near the buggers. It opens a little room with pfhor in it right besides the bugger room and within their venom shooting range. It contains another switch that opens the first blast door. The second is partially open and the second, much larger bugger swarm can shoot and fly over it.

The door in the blue alcove past the first wasp room has two switches. One opens a door next to it that leads back outside. The other doesnít seem to do anything on its own. The other path here has at least a couple more switches, one by a save terminal and now itís clear that they must open little stairways in the wasp room with pfhor hiding at the top. The switch by the first pattern buffer must have controlled one.

Thereís switches in them that open the second blast door into the second bugger room. Thankfully the buggers have already been dealt with by infighting. At the end are switches for more blast doors, the first chip and the success plank exit terminal. Itís Hathor, and she is not pleased.

Just as I thought; sheís referring to Tychoís clone here. How she was able to communicate to him I donít know. Maybe Tychoís revived clone was already made or something? The original Tycho isnít actually to blame.

I canít side with her now, knowing what will happen if I do. I just may have to find the First Earth original or her Third Earth Kaminari copy instead, preferably both.

The switches open the other two blast doors. The left door when facing back the way I came loops around to the back of the health terminal. The switch must have been hit by stray fire as I was circle strafing as it doesnít work and the chip closet is now open. The right blast door has a commander hunter and another swarm of buggers. Behind them is the switch that opens the other chip closet up the long curving steps near the first room. I take the first floppy disk by the health charger and place it in its drive. Since I canít carry three disks at once this time for some reason, I go back for the other one. Tycho contacts me from the terminal once Iím done.

Thank god for that. He was able to fight off his evil clone after all. Hathorís threats wonít come to pass. His text is still red though but I think thatís due to his clone still actually being present, but supressed. I guess when the Sípht rebuilt him for the Pfhor, not only did they use Durandalís sourcecode as a template, but what they could recover from Tycho was fragmented and likely corrupt after I smashed his databank. So his clones may have ended up worse in that timeline than he could have. Oops.

Sounds like a plan. Letís go old chum. I will be writing the next stage but I will not be posting it: Viking Boy Billy has requested a share of the failure planks as he hasnít had a chance to play the original failure ones in 1.0 so he will be covering the failure levels from now on. I intend to cover the Inti Station dreams only of Chapter 3-5's failure planks however: Thereís some plot relevant parts to the ďmeta storyĒ Iíve been telling in those.

My versions of the 2 & 3 failure planks will only be word documents and exist solely to record my own playthrough and see what I can find, giving my own thoughts on these areas as replies using my unpublished writeup as cue cards. They may go on my log with the main Tour entries Iíve done once Eternal is finished, but not here. I explain what I mean a little better here: http://forums.bungie.org/story/?noframes;read=72127

Stay tuned for the first of the writeups covered by Viking Boy Billy this Tour: Chapter 2 Stage 2: Honesty and Forgiveness.
Besides any replies to the next part, I will return in Chapter 2 Stage 3: Radical Starship. Donít miss them!

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