Posted By: scratskinnerDate: 11/1/18 9:27 a.m.

M'kay, so this is a bit unorthodox, but I'm not sure how else I'd do it. I know I've seen Martin posting hereabouts, so I'm going to ask him if he can post it to the EV B&B over on the Ambrosia Software forums. Or at least let DarthKev & Sierro know. Why? I've encountered some technical difficulties. On a completely unrelated note, if Durandal_1337 could haxor in a new capcha for the lost password form over there, that'd be neat.


For now, you have decided to turn your attention to the system, to clean up some loose ends. Lessee, stuff you blasted to bits, stuff you blasted but not to bits, and - hey...

You recollect some stupid blue-finned ship that must have showed up while you were busy blowing up the fleet. You first noticed it in the middle of consuming what you can only presume was its prey. At least, that's your working hypothesis - you saw it pretty close to what looked rather like a shriveled-up gunboat, and you haven't been in this universe terribly long, so as far as you [s]care[/s] know, anything goes. You lobbed a couple shots its way every once in a while, in between blowing up the fleet. By the time you finished you'd forgotten all about it - until now.

That husk - there's some other, different-looking finned ship, all blue-and-white stripes, hanging around it - is this some sort of larval stage? And it appears to be picking away at the husk for some reason.

Welp - let's speed things up a bit for the little one.


You train a proton cannon on the remains and open fire intermittently, making as clean a cut you can, and as close as possible to the port it's taking up. It's a bit tougher than you'd expected, and at first it seems all you're doing is pushing the [i]Asimov[/i] away from you. Gradually, you up the intensity, and by the time you've sliced through, all three proton cannons are firing continuously. Looking over your handiwork, you can't help but notice it bears a fair similarity to the scorch marks already there. You're going to have to shelve that line of thought for now, though - a rather extensive and diverse array of firepower is headed this way.

What do you do next?

If you're wondering what this is all about

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REFUGEE POST FROM THE BnB *LINK*scratskinner 11/1/18 9:27 a.m.
     Re: REFUGEE POST FROM THE BnBscratskinner 11/16/18 12:33 a.m.

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