PiD: Trivia of the Dead
Posted By: HopperDate: 5/21/18 2:24 p.m.

I've been playing with the Pathways conversations again, and found some interesting tidbits. Some of these are mentioned on the site, but probably haven't been collected in one place.

Five of the dead have unreachable second-meeting messages. These were turned off deliberately or accidentally.

Gunther: "Hello again. I hope your P4 is still working well. If it's not, take mine."
John: "Why are you back? Go down, get the bomb, and blow this place up!"
Steven: "Come on, get moving. You've got to find Greg and the bomb and bring this whole place down. Don't worry about us."
Greg: "Did you plant the bomb already? Did you even find it? There isn't much time, man, move it!"
Juan: "Welcome back. Come back as often as you like. I'm so lonely."

Nine other messages are unreachable. In a few cases, these seem related to keywords present but no longer linked to a valid response.

Anonymous German: "Nothing, nothing. I can't remember anything."
Anonymous German: "I have no idea. A lot of us thought we were coming to North America to train Mexican troops for an invasion of Texas and California, but they were wrong, obviously."
Anonymous German: "Every time I try, I can recall less and less of my life in Germany. It's frightening."
Muller: "We would have brought bigger guns if we'd known what we'd find here." [probably in response to "unprepared"]
John: "Where's yours? I bet it was damaged when your 'chute didn't open, never mind. I wish I had mine to give you." [probably in response to "m-16" or "rifle"]
Darren: "Shhh! That's my name, but don't tell him!"
Darren: "Maybe I didn't see Greg die, but he died somewhere else. Everyone did."
Sean: "He lost it as soon as he saw the thing, and I don't think he was fully aware of what was happening even when he died."
Juan: "I don't know why, but the creatures weren't in the least bit interested in me but they fell on my companions and devoured them. Maybe it's because I was weak with poison and hardly moved."

While many of the dead can't remember their names, one can't even remember the word. One German on HHCC does not have a keyword trigger for "name". The German on We Can See in the Dark will only recognize "name" or "death" once you turn your flashlight off.

Muller isn't just the brains of the German expedition, he's also the only Previously Living Sentient Being who can remember what you say. As the site mentions, he calls you out if you contradict yourself about the war ending. Others might remember your visit, but they all respond to keywords the same way every time. (Flashlight guy has two distinct sets of responses, but no memory.)

The dead may have poor memories, but you can't if you want to read all the dialogue. If you only ask about name, death, and topics brought up during a conversation, you'll miss about 80 of the 327 specific responses throughout the game. (My count is a bit high, since it overlooks words like "greedy" triggering the keyword "greed".) Most of the "secret" keywords are names, weapons, or in-game items; only Jason and Greg have off-the-wall triggers. Out of the 28 dead, 3 reveal every topic they respond to (Pedro, German on L&L, and German on Hungry).

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