Re: 20 Monster Limit?
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 11/26/16 12:52 p.m.

In Response To: Re: 20 Monster Limit? (HelviusRufus)

: As I understand it, it was done so all the games would work properly: some
: games use the one and some the other limit. The current version of Eternal
: X, for example, has the code built into it for this reason.
: The readme for the plugin by Hopper on Simplici7y (which site is not
: available at this writing) contains this explanation:
: ----------------------------------------------------------------
: DESCRIPTION: This plugin increases the number of AI monsters active at any
: one time. The increased number was the default setting in Aleph One until
: 1.1, when the Marathon 2/Infinity defaults were restored.

: You should use this plugin with scenarios built specifically for Aleph One,
: such as Kill Them All or Phoenix. When/if those scenarios are updated, you
: will no longer need this plugin. Do not enable the plugin for scenarios
: orginally designed for Marathon Infinity, such as Tempus Irae.

: ----------------------------------------------------------------
: INSTALLATION: - Drag the downloaded .zip file, or the unzipped "Aleph
: One Previous AI" folder, into the "Plugins" folder inside
: your custom scenario folders. (Create a "Plugins" folder if you
: don't already have one.)

: - Launch Aleph One, and go to "Preferences", then
: "Environment", then "Plugins" make sure the plugin is
: listed as "Enabled". You can click on it to turn it on or off.

: ----------------------------------------------------------------

: In the distant past, Aleph One expanded several built-in engine limits, to
: allow for bigger scenarios than the computers of 1995 could play. This
: included a limit on the number of monsters moving around, to allow for
: more intense battles with swarms of AI enemies.

: This had a downside, though: the increased limit can change the gameplay of
: older scenarios, tuned for the original smaller number. In some levels
: built for M2 or Infinity, too many monsters can wake up and leave their
: ambush spots to chase you, disrupting the intended difficulty and pacing
: of battles. Aleph One 1.1 reduces this AI limit to its original value, to
: restore the intended gameplay of classic scenarios.

: The most popular affected scenarios will be updated to be compatible with
: Aleph One 1.1. Until this happens, you can use this plugin to restore the
: AI behavior of Aleph One 1.0 and earlier.

So that's why the maps in infinity that put you up against swarms of BoBs were arse. Or maybe it's me that's arse.

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