Inner Cyberspace 0II
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 8/25/16 4:45 a.m.

Inner Cyberspace

It was not an W'rkncacnter after all; it was the "ghost" of one of the greater virus types. It resurrected itself in a pocket of a BIOS Zone. When two of us attacked it, it released a blinding light. The others seemed to see what they always wanted, I meanwhile...

I seemed to be in several places at once, and there were grainy ripples in my vision.

In one place, I was in the same country but a different 5D space, wearing an overcoat and fighting against demons of Yomi no kuni.

In another, I was on a distant planet 97 light years from Sagittarius A, and two of its three moons.

One place was similar to the last, but the old ship from then was different and at the next planet. Over evolved mutants threatened to take over and I was made to kill them by a different rampant AI.

Another one saw me sitting at a computer screen writing my very journals under a different context, this one also in first person as opposed to the others.

In a similar place, I saw myself (dead?!) watching someone special from my original world descending through a more surreal world I was in, to destroy the source of the Ankoku that had taken over.

I kept flashing back to the BIOS Zone I was in and all this time I was haemorrhaging out my nose...

I just set it off again. I'd better skip ahead.

It seemed that the virus type being now realised I was not of his world as his Mind Illusion attack did not properly work on me. I had no idea if my counterpart in this world already was currently alive, or even existed at all.

Combined efforts from the others once they broke the illusion, all the portals opening at once and the everyone else here managed to reduce the greater virus type to a black cloud of steam.

It was then I quickly manipulated the device held by my companion in this world (holy light) and copied myself into the fabric of inner cyberspace and the particular physical world just outside it.

Perhaps I will reunite with those other versions of myself one day, but for now, I can enter and leave this digital world at will.

Using this new cybernetic enlightenment, I blasted the steam cloud of BelialVandemon with a wave of Argent plasma, killing him.

The gates will reopen again in time for everyone to come here.

How will I name my digital clone/avatar? Well, considering the sword theme of the AI from that main world, I think it will go as, Shadows even Burn, or Moyasu sura Kage.

Perhaps if Hikari finds more Yami e no Keiro to overcome in Inner Cyberspace, I will use my avatar's namesake to her advantage.

I even now know what that dark hell of an ocean really is now: it is a formation of all the negative psi energy in humans after leaking into inner cyberspace as an alternate space of it. There may well be an W'rkncacnter hiding there on the sea bed, but I hope not to find out.

There is another time for Hikari and I shortly, (three years after?) but cyberspace is secure for now. This is (Marcus Jones)/Sora Bakyumu/Moyasu sura Kage, signing off.

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