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Posted By: Durandal_1707Date: 7/31/16 8:40 a.m.

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: This is gonna be a short post (at least compared to my Maratroid musings from
: a while back), as I've yet to play DreamWeb for a number of reasons and so
: can't go into too much detail about how such a crossover would work.

: DreamWeb is a cyberpunk point-n-click from '94 where the
: "protagonist" Ryan must hunt down and kill seven people whose
: existences will allegedly cause a world-ending imbalance.

: DreamWeb has this supernatural bent that isn't present in Marathon (and isn't
: the same kind as in Infinity), but might mesh better thematically or
: tonally. There's probably a few parallels to be drawn here and there (Ryan
: and the SO, the space monks and the Jjaro). Thoughts?

DreamWeb's actually available for free through ScummVM:


I do have to say, though, that I was rather disappointed by it. It seemed like it was going more for shock value in the outrageous murders it makes your protagonist carry out, rather than the desire to tell a coherent story. It's definitely not in Marathon's league.

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