Re: Fic: Turning Point
Posted By: XaleManixDate: 6/19/16 7:57 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Fic: Turning Point (VikingBoyBilly)

: Is that where Lion-O gets his information? Still haven't played Halo 2,
: btw...

The Flood, which retold the events of the first Halo with some segments separated from the Player Character, had an awful lot of combat sequences which were described in quite a bit of detail. I think I was tired to reading a poetic autopsy report on the ways in which John-117's foes died by the end of the third chapter.

As to where he gets his information, I'm unable to answer for him.

: I was also referring to netgames. He'll visibly bleed even with 2x or 3x
: shields (I think? It's not common for more than 1x to be available in
: netmaps), so I guess it's chalked down to video game logic and artistic
: license? Battleroids have titanium bones, so they're made of tough stuff
: indeed. It's unclear how undead cyborg biology even works. Does he have a
: metabolism pumping blood through his veins? Does he need to eat? Just what
: kind of life form is he?

Being only 325 days older than Marathon itself, and never any good at competitive multiplayer, I've never had the option and inclination to play Marathon Netgames -- though they certainly sound like a blast.

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