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Posted By: HelviusRufusDate: 5/7/16 8:32 p.m.

Well, I got back from the vacation at Mare Ceti and found that the Banco de Bunco had repossessed my studio on the 7th floor of the Acme building in downtown Radine. Not having anywhere to stay, I was in the park and found a newspaper ad: Wanted: Adventurer. High Pay! Challenge! Travel! All Expenses Paid!

Wow, how could I go wrong? I met a Phillip T’rahn, signed a contract for high pay, and now I find myself in a rather dark room with glowing red walls and a gray metal floor with some sort o trefoil cut deeply into it but too narrow to jump down into. Familiar in a way, but I just can’t place it. On the east wall between two white light-blocks columns is a terminal that doesn’t work or perhaps I just can’t sign on. In any event, it looks like it was covered by a grill in the past but that has corroded or been broken apart. An SMG with a couple o clips and a 1x canister round out the inventory of the room. Time to move on. I enter a passage flanked by columns similar to those by the terminal into a little rock room and… uh oh, it’s a lift and going down. I hear lava. I see lava. Yikes! Lots o S’pht and S’pht’Kr…

Purple and red
Purple and blue
I’ll be dead
When the day is through…

but...they don’t seem hostile, so maybe I shouldn’t panic yet. Looks like they’re sitting in bleachers of all things. There’s a whole train load o spotty tick things on a rock island surrounded by a lava pool, a switch behind me that doesn’t work, and it looks like I’m outside. I can see the nighttime sky.

I don’t get paid for standing around so I jump onto the island, punch a tick and uh oh… I hear something teleport in and now there’s a couple o brown feces flinging F’lickta here too. I shudda grabbed the SMG. Too late now, so I do some running ow! and ow! punching and running ow! and punching and, to make a long story short, they’re dead and I’m not.

I notice that each F’lickta dropped a chip (electronic type) so I pick one up, dry it off, and stick it in the recently not working switch. It works. The rock behind this area slides down and there’s another switch back there. Which doesn’t work. Hmmm… I wonder… I go collect the other F’lickta chip, clean it off, and stick it in there. Across the lava, a door opens revealing a drop-off.

Feeling a bit peckish after the carnage, I go back to the rock island (being careful not to step in the F’lickta sushi), leap to a rock step, then to the east bleachers: perhaps the spectators know of a good restaurant nearby. I ask and a S’pht points to a room to the south, then he and the rest teleport elsewhere.

On the south side o the bleachers, I enter a room with two rechargers: a red’un and a yell’un. Reminds me of a place with a couple o rechargers on Lh’owon a long time ago.

So, after a pause that refreshes, I head back north where there are three doors – one for each level of the bleachers. All open at the same time and lead to the same room. It’s dark but nice looking. Metal floor, looks like carved stone or masonry walls with dim round framed red glowing lights. Looks like they were once covered with grills but now the grills are all broken. Also a couple o large room dividers with the same broken grill circles (but no lights, I can see through ‘em); perhaps it was a game room of some kind or, connected to the bleachers as it is, perhaps it was a concessions or gift shop area. And it’s quiet in here too. I mean really really really quiet. The kind of quiet that makes your ears ring. While looking around, I hear a noise! Something teleported in and again I wish I’d grabbed that SMG. I finally find it: just another chip, so I pick it up (always a good idea). I head off to the northwest where there is a grand staircase leading down to what looks like a mausoleum.

The recesses in the walls have metallic looking urns that have a black band with a green design near the top. The design may be writing; perhaps a label or a name. These may hold the remains of ….

Five recesses are open but three, back along a corridor to the north, have barriers preventing access. The closed off urns are larger than the others. Perhaps those are for the more important ashes.

The grand staircase continues down to the southeast, turns, and finally stops in a room with glowing red wainscoting and a door that opens automatically. Going through, I find myself in another room of the same décor. On the right is a short hallway that ends with another terminal: hidden behind a panel until I enter the hallway. I can’t sign on this one either. The back side of the door I entered through has a working save terminal when closed. I like these automatic doors.

There are several terminals with S’pht in front of them at various levels around the room. Not seeing any convenient way to get to these terminals except by floating up to them, I think this is a room of the S’pht, by the S’pht, and for the S’pht. There is one that can be reached while standing on the floor and I ask the S’pht there if I can use it, he lets me but I’m not able to log on. Security’s pretty tight around here. In the southwest corner of the room is a passage and what sounds like lava. Finally! An end to the oppressive silence!

I go in and around the corner I happen upon an impressive sight. This looks like some sort of religious chamber: a room with lava falls on either side of a huge abstract red S’pht icon and a purple S’pht standing on a high ledge next to the left lava fall. The chest jewel of the icon is a switch and above the icon the night sky is visible. There are several other ledges in the room and a ground level one on the right has a working save terminal. There is a stone platform that could be an altar in front of the icon, so perhaps these S’pht are monks who’ve taken a vow of vicarious violence considering what happened upstairs. Also, the existence of a pattern buffer so convenient to the altar makes one wonder.

Some ledge jumping brings me next to the S’pht. I tap him on the shoulder and ask him to move so I can leap over and punch the switch. He warns me to beware of the Ledge of Eternal Lingering, just to the north of the north lava fall, which holds whoever drops down to it there forever; there is no escape. Not even after the 362 P’ahl be gone (which I took to be a magick number or phrase of some sort). He then moves off and teleports out. I must say the S’pht are remarkably polite around here.

My plan is to leap off the ledge, punch the switch, bounce off the icon, turn and land on the altar. As it is written, so it was done. With the small change that my inertia carried me all the way back to the entrance to the room. Further exploration in this small temple reminded me that things are not always what they seem.

The icon switch activated an elevator in the terminal room that leads to the door that opened when I put the second F’lickta chip in the second switch behind where I put the first F’lickta chip in the first switch after I beat the F’lickta on the rock island in the lava pool. It also appears to have opened a small stairway, to the northeast off the lower curve of the grand staircase, which leads to a room with a terminal. Again, I can’t sign on but, for some reason, after entering this room, I found myself back in the park with my high pay: a pair of chartreuse gloves and a piece of pottery shard. Guess he really meant it when he said I was destiny.

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