Mare Ceti
Posted By: HelviusRufusDate: 4/18/16 10:22 p.m.

What! Five days and nothing written in the story forum? Where are the stories? Well, I’ll add one just to get things started.

Mare Ceti is a single level map for Tempus Irae. Don’t use the HD monsters and scenery 1.0 plugin from Freeverse ‘cause… well, I prefer trees to modern sculpture and just punch out a F’lickta and listen to what she says. Yes, they actually talk… one o them refers to the marital status of your parents.

We start out with a couple o Bobs, or maybe one drunk Bob, but in any event they (he) immediately teleport out and leave us to fend for ourselves. Looking around, there is a 3x canister (an ill omen), an L circuit, some weapons and ammo (but not nearly enough considering the 3x), a fence with a hole in it that you can’t crawl through, and some cliffs; high cliffs with some purple troopers way up high. They notice us and can’t wait for us to climb up to see ‘em so they drop down to welcome us with cookies and lemonade.

After the initial introductions, we take a winding stair carved into the cliff face up, up, and away. Some lazy purple troopers are loitering on the stairs bummin cigs, so we light ‘em up. Then we find a switch that opens a door to an aerie with a terminal, a 3x, a save station, a switch, a buncha batteries, and some troopers and drones. It’s amazing there’s room for us to get inside!

After reading the terminal (need to get a manuscript and put it in the L circuit wayyyyyyy dowwwwwwwn where we started) we look out the window and see a small lake. On the shore is another 3x. Really, we just got a 3x, why would we need another so soon… oh, right, there’s a whopping great Jugg out there. Thinking we may come back here, we lock the door in the open position.

Fortunately we can jump with impunity and so we do. At the bottom of the lake, which has a strong current that mashes us against the wall, we see the MS but seeing and getting are two different things. Finally we make it to the MS, then rise to the surface to meet the waiting Jugg who wants to know why a marine always has so much trouble gettin outta the water.

Another jump and the MS in placed in the L. Now what? Climb up the cliff stairway with a Jugg watching us to be sure we don’t fall off.

Back in the aerie, we see that a section of the wall has moved to reveal a very bright hallway. Throwing caution to the wind, we rush down the corridor, zig, zag, turn left, and whoa! A passel o blue fighters: looks like the whole Union Army out there.
“Hey, guys, is there a coffee shop around here?”
“Yeah, bud, right over there.”
So we go in there but he lied. There is no coffee, but there is a terminal, a save station, and three teleporters (actually four, but one is incoming only). The terminal gives us the recommended sequence for using the teleporters. We follow it, step into the first teleporter, and are taken to a drydock. There are a lot of workers around and some of them show us where the control box and exit teleporter is. We thank them, finish our assignment, and return to the coffee shop.

We step into the second teleporter and, upon arrival, hear the familiar plinking sound of a cyborg’s bouncing betty, turn, and deal with it. Then, in a pause that refreshes, we look out over a… canyon. And a magnificent canyon it is, too! Somewhere down there is a MS and all we have to do is find it. We also notice a whole slew o lonely cyborgs lookin for someone to talk to. We take the scenic route around the rim and pick up a lot of ammo on the way. We notice that once we go down a step, there is no way back up. Coming almost full circle, we look down upon a plaza with a stream and a huge water column.

Since all these rockets we’ve been collecting are weighing us down, we stand up here and plink at the gang of cyborgs near the water column. There’s a Bob or two down there, also, and they seem a little too chummy with the cyborgs for our way o thinkin. Whoosh bang whoosh bang and a jump down to the newly vacated waterfront.

The MS is in the water column so we dive in and get it. There is also a flock o F’lickta. Since they hang together, we can handle them with a couple o well placed rockets. On the other hand, if we’re using Freeverse HD monsters and scenery, we could take the KKV someone left lying here and jump down and talk to them. Anyway, we jump into the stream and go in an easterly direction. Soon we’ll come to a small alcove with a cyborg there to help us get out of the water. In the alcove, we find two teleporters. We pick one and end up back at the coffee shop. The other one goes to the aerie.

Now we go back to the canyon to get the special key. If we look carefully, we’ll see a door in one o the rock spires. That’s where we want to go. There’s a couple o ways there; we can go to a ledge just across and a little up from it and jump directly across or we can go to another ledge, higher and at an acute angle (we can barely see the door), and jump. This way requires some mid-air maneuvering and, while stylish, is not difficult. The door opens, and there is a blue fighter there who gives us the key. We thank him and jump down to the stream to exit as on our first trip.

Back at the coffee shop, we now take the third teleporter and find ourselves on a pathway. Turning one way, we finally come to a waterfall, go through it and land in a shallow pool. A nice cyborg tells us we’re back in the canyon and gives us some ammo. We thank him and jump down to the stream and leave.

Again at the pathway, we turn the other way and eventually end up at a big wetdock with an obvious current. Running all the way around it to get the flechettes and O2 (always a good idea when jumping into large bodies of water), we jump into the water and find the entrance teleporter to the submarine in the stern. There are some F’lickta to talk to if so inclined, and a suspicious looking Bob standing on the starboard side.

When we arrive inside, we move at once ‘cause if we don’t we’ll end up right back outside. There’s an O2 charger here so we use it, turn around and lo! there’s a trooper to greet us. We shake hands, go into the lock, turn the crank, and the inner door opens. Another trooper is there to pipe us aboard.

As we enter the passageway, our assigned cabin is right in front of us and is equipped with 3x, 2x, 1x, a save station, a terminal, and assorted ammo. Directly across the passageway from our cabin is our private stow area, already fitted with a 3x and some more ammo. Truly five star accommodations.

Across the hall is one o the engine rooms and a trooper shows us where to put the MS and also points out a 2x charger in case we need it. We install the MS, thank him, and leave.

On the port side is a cabin with a trooper who is just about to have lunch and invites us to join him. It’s a type of sushi prepared right in his own cabin. These must be high ranking individuals. Going to the other end of the cabin, we find a hunter answering a call of nature. Eww!

At the end of the passageway is the brig with two hunters in it. They probably spilled the coffee or something. Across from the brig is a room with a drone. It also appears to be a toilet.

On the starboard side is a cabin occupied by an enforcer and a hunter. In this cabin is a switch that turns off and on an annoying noise. Unable to find any other effect, we can only conclude that the switch and noise in question is the enforcer’s music system.

Across the passageway from this cabin is a water facility with a trooper to cater to our needs. Going into this room opens a door, in the port side passageway, inside which is an elevator and a trooper to operate it.
Upstairs we find two switches, a 2x charger, a save station, a terminal, and personnel to show us how to use the equipment.

We now find that we must go outside again to get the final MS which is attached to the conning tower. We go get it, install it in the other engine room with the assistance of a trooper, then return to the upstairs room and, being completely exhausted, sit down in the commodore’s command chair and say “Make it so.”

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