Re: Marathon Ressurection install
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 3/20/16 3:09 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon Ressurection install (General-RADIX)

: Aw, bummer. :/ Looked fairly interesting, even if I don't play Unreal (and
: even if the Fighters appeared to be borrowing assets from the Grunts).

: (I'm curious; how did the team handle the terminals? Does Unreal Tournament
: have anything already in place that could work that way?)

It seems to be using the same textbox system Unreal did, but they somehow got it so you have to push a button to read it.

I admire all the work they did (even if the pfhor figthers look butt-ugly), and I don't really think you shouldn't play it; it just feels like a let-down that hasn't aged well, so I'm just warning y'all to be aware you'll run into problems.

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