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Posted By: ukimalefuDate: 10/4/15 2:18 a.m.

In Response To: To Burn in Memory *LINK* (Orihaus)

: Just to start off, I hope this isn't entirely offtopic and I apologize if it
: is! But if it'd help you get a read on why I'd consider posting this here,
: I'll say that Marathon - and this page in particular - was an
: indescribably big influence on basically anything I've built in an
: interactive medium. In this case, you might have to squint a little to see
: the inspiration but I assure you its there!

: Anyway, I just put out an interactive fiction work using a quite eclectic
: storytelling style - non-linearity, ambiguity and lots of connecting the
: dots on the part of the reader. People have drawn comparisons to Dark
: Souls here, but we here know the foremost example of this style is much
: older!

: You can find it here if you're interested: http://toburninmemory.com/ . Feel
: free to give me feedback, I'd love to know what the sleuths here can dig
: up.

Icons aren't clear, I clicked the phonograph expecting music and got nothing, and the ones on the right do nothing. And it may be just me, but the text is hard to read (too small + choice of font)

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