Re: Let's Play Halo:CE pt 2—Flawless Cowboy
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 5/31/15 1:18 p.m.

In Response To: Let's Play Halo:CE pt 2—Flawless Cowboy (VikingBoyBilly)

: If you decide to wander around for a bit instead of rushing, Cortana will
: randomly blather about the complex ecosystem, which looks like green
: grass, coniferous trees, rocks, water... yeah... this place looks pretty
: earthy save the giant ring above our heads, but I still like it. This
: really reminds me of the way Unreal introduced it's alien world. The
: "their ships are faster than ours and they were waiting to ambush
: us" thing reminds me of the introduction to Marathon 2: Durandal.
: Hmm...

Funny, I've never stuck around long enough to hear her say any of that stuff. I'll have to try that some time.

: We're introduced to a weapon called the Needler

Weapon Name: Type-55 "Needler"
Description: A rapid-fire alien weapon that shoots glowing pink crystalline shards or 'needles' that track enemies through some unknown mechanism. The shards impale the target and then self-destruct. While a single shard will only deal a small amount of damage, bunches of shards will go off in synchrony, multiplying each-other's damage. If you manage to stick an enemy with seven or more shards at once, those shards will explode violently, generally causing instant death and setting off any loose grenades nearby. If you get multiples of seven into an enemy, multiple bangs will ensue.
Suggested Fun: Stick a Plasma Grenade to a Grunt's bottom and then pour needles into him. The result will look like fireworks. :)

: We see a new enemy called a Jackal, which are not dogs, but bipedal
: bird-lizard things with shields. I don't mean overshields—they have round
: shields they carry around for defense. They're... not really as effective
: as you'd expect; they break easily.

Not only do they break easily (at least as long as you're using plasma weapons), but Jackals always poke their left hand (holding the gun) out from behind the shield. If you shoot their hand, it stuns them for a moment, and they'll often expose themselves as a result. Punching them also works - their shields can't block your melee attack.

: The best thing to do seems to be to kill the groups of grunts and jackals
: from a distance and let the elites come to you. No matter how much I try,
: shooting them at a distance with the magnum just doesn't work. Needlers
: work, but the ammo runs out quickly. The most effective weapon on elites
: are plasma grenades, taking advantage of them being a big target in narrow
: areas or when they stupidly don't notice us when they're looking the other
: way.

Elites may be your smartest opponents, but they're still kind of stupid. The reason the Pistol isn't much good against them is that it's firing bullets - plasma weapons are twice as effective against Elites' shielding. A good weapon combo to have is the Pistol + the Plasma Pistol. The Plasma Pistol may be semi-automatic, but if you work on getting a quick trigger finger, you can tap the button rapidly enough to work up a higher rate of fire than even the automatic Plasma Rifle can achieve. Combine this with the overcharge feature, the fact that the Plasma Pistol has a larger battery than the Plasma Rifle, and the fact that fresh Plasma Pistols are always ready at hand (they're probably the most common weapon for an enemy to be carrying in the entire game), and the Plasma Pistol is the best shield-killer in the game. Now add on the regular human Pistol, and you can swipe an enemy's shields and then follow up with a headshot in a matter of seconds.


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