Tour of Duty: YTYBT (vidmaster) (but not me)
Posted By: MartinDate: 3/9/15 2:57 a.m.

Last time on tour of duty, just moments ago in fact, we ran the IIHARL gauntlet, less one PB and plus some grey Troopers and MoaHs, and even one I forgot to mention, just behind that last door. MoaHs, can’t stand ’em.

So it seems I missed a few polygons in my previous self-exploration of this level for the map.

The top middle ends in a point, and there is a series of inaccessible platforms at the top? Why on Lh’owon? Other changes from last time: one PB becomes a terminal, and another disappears completely. But this level doesn’t need them quite as much. In fact we don’t have to kill anything at all on this level. I never tried that line of … attack in the normal version of the level, but I think the Rampancy video started me thinking, and it is quite possible, although maybe not feasible on TC :).

We have the suspenseful descent to start with, and can pick off spectating Fighters just as per. We still have our arsenal from IIHARL, and the lot on offer in the arena seems much the same as before. This is definitely the come down of this challenge.

The first door opens to a mix of grey and pink Fighters. The windows where the uplink chips once went are now just white-lit, but otherwise everything is as expected. The terminal actually addresses us as “mortal”, so I guess that clears that up, at least as far as Double Aught saw the matter.

The line about steroids is a bit odd – compared to last time, I’d say the Pfhor more so found out something about reproduction :D. The analogy with the grain of salt and the blade is somehow reminiscent of the dream story with which we have become so familiar. Whether intentional or not, it serves its purpose :). The switch opens two doors around the place, with more mixed Fighters, and some grey Troopers. Definitely a bit much hard work to leave them all alive on TC – apart from anything else, when I just tried briefly, the Troopers were desperately covering up the switch behind them!

That switch reveals the grey Hunters, as usual, and then it turns out there is also a MoaH in the long corridor, just for good measure. The first terminal in the upper ring warns us about the Juggernaut.

But I just wave at him and carry on. Definitely glad they didn’t put Sol into this vidmaster lineup. When we get to the final terminal on the ring, a bunch more pink Fighters teleport in, to the point that they can’t move! Conveniently, there was a Tozt and canister in one of the alcoves down below, and Fighters always love a bit of that :).

The circuits are our friends … I guess it is talking about the uplink chips? Perhaps this is something of a hint for the mainstream version of the level? Mind you, one would probably sooner figure that one out than get to the end of this challenge! Either way, clearly we’re off to see the MoaH, the wonderful MoaH of Oz.

Amusingly, what was a PB where we arrive is now a terminal that really just says well done, but go to the other terminal.

Someone was clearly having a bit too much fun at this point. On the way over to the other terminal, there is an awful lot of ammo, especially when we’re all finished here, and then the MoaH I was talking about earlier. It seems like this one might actually be a grandmother? Takes a bit more than usual, while still not a bother on low difficulty. Similar to the case at the end of M2, we can just ignore the enemy and speed through the terminal, and here we would lose less in the way of important information!

Really we just wouldn’t know exactly the criteria for defining vidmaster of marathon! There’s no mention of difficulty level, but I guess they just take it for granted that we’ve all taken that oath … uhh, yeah. I guess I can’t claim the status in either category, as the only multiplayer I ever did was rather unfair M1 against my brother, where I tended to have a crazy low framerate (LCIII), and would either be dead several seconds before I knew it, or would go out of sync altogether and be killing something that wasn’t actually him. Ahh those heady days of lousy networking and slow machines :). Geriatric circuits eh? And finally, what I think to be a very nice finishing touch on this challenge … seeya:

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Tour of Duty: YTYBT (vidmaster) (but not me)Martin 3/9/15 2:57 a.m.
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           Re: Tour of Duty: YTYBT (vidmaster) (but not me)Martin 3/9/15 10:01 a.m.

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