Durandal's Name in Vedic Numerology
Posted By: Pallando007Date: 3/7/15 8:03 a.m.

Hello. Long time fan of Marathon here. I would just like to contribute one interesting tidbit, unless someone has gotten to it first!

I'm starting to get into occultism and Vedic numerology. On a whim I entered 'Durandal' on a Vedic numerology site and this is what I found:

I got the number 8 (which, if you flip sideways of course becomes the infinity symbol!)

It's ruling planet is Saturn/Shani - which is interesting for a whole host of other reasons if anyone wants to go that direction....

It's Psychic Significance:

"Strong constitution, action motivated, serious, heavy, goal oriented, good judge of character, slow, business minded, materially focussed. Able to manage wealth, fame and fortune with skill and savvy, major ups and downs with fiances. Independent, radical revolutionary, problems with authorities, stubborn, frustrated by limitations. Intimidating, dare devil, ruthless, intense, lonely, dependable and solid. Do not scare or panic easily, responsible to their own law only. Prefer to work alone, accomplish much."

It's Significance Regarding Destiny:

"Struggle with opposition, delays, failures, humiliation. Exceptional endurance (!!!), persevering, ambitious, success driven, desire fame, and materially oriented. Want to deliver something major in life and manifest a legacy. Isolated from themselves and others. Get entangled with the law and substance abuse, prone to addictions and depression and extreme states of consciousness. Age prematurely, suicidal tendencies, easily feel unwanted, unloved, neglected and rejected. Argumentative, manipulative. Need to learn to harness their considerable powers for the good of all to be satisfied."

It's Name Significance:

"WORKER, will revolutionize society and manifest thru fame and fortune."

Pretty descriptive of Durandal isn't it? I think so at least. Please tell me I'm not just seeing a random star pattern.... ;)

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Durandal's Name in Vedic NumerologyPallando007 3/7/15 8:03 a.m.
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