Tour of Duty: Electric Sheep Two
Posted By: MartinDate: 4/11/14 2:27 a.m.

Last time on Tour of Duty, we jumped through a vertical wall of sewage and found our way into a control tower above the sewerline, wherein some switches with unique game mechanics. Once we found out how they worked and what they opened, we then discovered some unique smashable panels to smash, because Uncle Durandal wouldn’t let us leave if we didn’t. Typical.

We were supposed to be heading to a complex from an old dream to install uplink chips, but apparently even the appearance of this déjà vu state was enough for us … or whatever is controlling our movements in time … to say “screw this” to the timeline, and so instead we wound up here, a place called “Not Waterloo Waterpark”.

We are indeed back in that pick-a-path place in our subconscious, complete with lava, platforms, ticks, an enforcer, weird Jjaro sculptures, an assault rifle, and some ammo. One hell of a party. To the new player this is surely a time of concern. -We- have the advantage of thinking that we know what’s going on here. We’ve gathered enough information to foresee an unfortunate end to our timeline and we’re here to Try again.

The map is nothing we haven’t seen before:

The terminal is new, but familiarly cryptic:

Okay so this Thoth-like being tries to explain why we were so rudely extracted from that interesting timeline: the W’rkncacnter was parked in behind a brightly-coloured Toyota. Umm, maybe that’s not it?

Dreaming of S’pht … well that makes sense given what’s in store for us! And especially with -the hard way- our death is indeed foretold. Those damned Enforcers … but that’s from a dream we haven’t had yet – through the deeping sky, and on to another timeline? So all is known, and we just have to spend a bit of time coming to terms with it, in our own metaphorical style. Hmmm.

We are directed a new way. Only the left-hand switch is active, so we send a grenade its way. The Enforcer wakes up and the Ticks eat their last path. The right-hand switch also activates, giving us easy access … back to the timeline we’ve just established was a failure. To be honest, we really don’t have much of a choice here. The only benefit is the 1x recharge canister up near the exit to Where monsters are in dreams, which is handy with that Enforcer having finished off those Ticks and still wanting more! Our new path heads towards that Enforcer – we could get its weapon except that I tend to opt for liberal use of grenades….

Up the stairs beyond we come to a dropoff to a teleporter, which takes us to a dropoff to a teleporter. Interesting that that one on ES1 took us to ES2 instead – we hadn’t quite dreamt that far ahead yet….

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Tour of Duty: Electric Sheep TwoMartin 4/11/14 2:27 a.m.
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