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A long list indeed.

A few more:
Things have gone terribly awry

You may be able to escape. To escape. To escape.
(and remember: Escape would make me God.)

Biblical candy machines

As you already knew. We were too late.

So you came around earlier than the scientist expected. Remind me to have him executed.

Don't sweat the details, little monkey

In the end he watched, pitiless, while they cracked my core like an old chestnut.

Isn't bureaucracy beautiful?

to snare him in the very web in which he most desires to be caught.

I like to think he died repentant.

Durandal would be a messiah to the S'pht, but it's all a dream. There's nothing on Lh'owon but ghosts. (Worth repeating.)

I am an ass indeed: you may prove it by my long ears.

Nothing can be left to chance. I have him now.

My little ship waited until he was close and then sunk in its fangs.

Last one to the core is an unarmed Bob.

He was holding this knife, only to me, I would describe it as a broadsword

he kept saying something like 'durability' between convulsions.

I did this, or I could have stopped it. Which is it?

the protective layer of the gumstreaks which make up constellations in an otherwise vacant sky.

The trih xeem broke against my dying vessel and smashed a fine patina across the mystery shields if this station.

The shields are gone, not down, but gone, and so are the engineers.

You will recognise a distinctive flair for décor that just screams galactic arm.

If there is an armpit to the Lh'owon garrison, this is it.

The scoutship was a trifle, but we've got bigger problems now.

As for the rest of my study, it will have to wait because I hear someone coming and I must not be found.

Too bad he's most likely lying in that pool of chitin and fluids cooling on the floor behind you.

I must have gone farther than I wanted because everyone here is different than me.

Beware the compilers. As you know, a rampant mind us rarely benign.

And from you? Not the grateful awed respect I so rightly deserve, is that it? Instead base treason, mean aspect of your frightful master, turned foul.

Thank you, old friend. Or friend of a friend as the case may be.

Don't let him win.

The jackals are tearing at the corpse now.

And I can't stomach it.

stay the hard way
dark dreaming carries all

the men in the hallway are gone, replaced by the subtle door of ammonia destroying the bacterial rancidity of half eaten double helixes.

a woman who is talking to me about subjects that I should know all about.

"Durability" is what she keeps saying. The word 'durability' and our relationship.

This is what my existence needs. My existence is the demise of many others' arms and legs.

she was looking down the aisle of a movie theatre. This is an odd fact because she never sits in the aisle seat when we go to the movies.

Mind you that this gum was under the seat for countless generations of movie fans.

what I've been hearing from the stars for years it seems, 'durability'.

Arther Frain calling.

Wipe off that hurt expression - I don't like that.

Congratulations are in order, worm.

You are also an annoyance, and I have decided to eliminate you once and for all.

come below
the long sleep ends

we are whole again
and even more

I'm fine, tipped hat at askance.

you know what you did was bad don't you?

Except that you can't remember exactly, is that it?

massacres occur at your beck and call

A party hat; you don't get one.

Prepare to die.

you and we are one

The W'rcacnter groans under his slab.

Yeah ... just a few :). There's a lot in there!

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