Happy Anniversary, Marathon!
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 12/20/13 9:21 p.m.

Marathon was released on this day 19 years ago. What has followed is a story of intrigue, mystery, and rampancy. We continue to plunge into the depths of Marathon's Story, hoping to find new and interesting tidbits of information as to Bungie's intentions. To a large degree we have succeeded, but there will never be a time when we say 'We have unraveled all of Marathon's secrets!' Such is the way of life - we will never understand our world fully. Questions shall always linger. This is why we love Marathon.

To celebrate the release, 19 years ago, of one of our favorite games, I have taken the liberty to create yet more banners. There are more on hand than what I show here, if you are interested to see them all. Still, these are the best ones I have, I think:

Plain, simple, elegant. Next, a variation that adds a small Marathon logo near the bottom:

I think the logo adds a little more depth, but I think I might prefer if it were a tad less noticeable.

A more themed banner, designed to imitate the terminals which follow us throughout the game.

A classic screenshot of Marathon, with fade for good measure. Then again, some people may get frustrated that they can't tell that purple guy that his Flamethrower isn't doing any good.

A larger, more elegant banner, with an image borrowed from a chapter screen of the game itself, not to mention a caption borrowed from the name of the level to which the chapter screen belongs. I love that image - it just captures the feel of the game so well for me.

So, tell me which one was your favorite, and if you want, I can post some more banners I did following in the example of that last one, albeit perhaps not as good (IMO).


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Happy Anniversary, Marathon!PerseusSpartacus 12/20/13 9:21 p.m.
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