Re: Line Up Alphabetically
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 12/13/13 8:28 a.m.

In Response To: Line Up Alphabetically (Narcogen)

Heh. Funny level. Really those crushers aren't that hard to use, even on single-player. You just have to know where that left switch is, pop it open, run in, run back, and tap it. Before you know it, nearly all the Pfhor will be dead, and the remainder will be cut down by the BoBs.

As for the trap room, it really is nasty. You have to be ready to run the moment you touch the ammo. Often, a Simulacrum (or worse yet, two of them) will intercept you, and you'll get blasted to bits. This usually means starting over and trying again in solo play (cue Infinity line from Martin), though sometimes you may actually survive in spite of that and manage to get back to the Shield Charger.

It was weird how that one Simulacrum just sat there, staring at you for some time before waking up and detonating. He almost seemed intelligent, if that's even possible with Marathon monsters (their AI usually quite sucks). I liked some of the other comical bits, especially Blackstar going "He looked at me funny" to justify his harsh and unnecessary action towards that blue BoB.

All in all, a traditionally funny video from the Dynamic Duo of Narcogen and Blackstar.


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