Infinity chapters
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 12/5/13 9:24 a.m.

I'm sure everyone else thought of this already and I'm slow to catch on, but the chapter names Despair, Rage, and Envy are synonymous to the phases of rampancy (melancholia, anger, and jealousy).

Could the player be going through his own phases of rampancy in his cyborg mind? The name Despair makes sense to sum up the feeling of the first chapter. The trih xeem launched, putting Lh'owon's sun into nova, and Durandal exposits that this will be the death of him, i.e., the end of the entire universe before he can escape. Then the cyborg wakes up in an alternate universe where he is helplessly enslaved to Tycho. Depressing stuff.

Everything screws up and you have to turn back the clock to start all over again. That's an enraging turn of events.

I don't know what the player would Envy. Maybe he longs for freedom from the constant fighting? Maybe it's not the player that feels envy, but Durandal at the end. In the ending sequence, the universe closes, and you and Durandal are the only two remaining. The text suggests that he feels humbled by your presence. You have become more than what he thought you were. You have become Destiny, the holy grail of cybertronics ;)

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