Try Again *LINK*
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 9/4/13 9:41 a.m.

In the words of Yoda (and I quote this merely for your enjoyment; I myself despise the entire Star Wars series):

No, try not. Do, or do not - there is no try.

For the Rampancy duo, they don't need to 'try' whatsoever. Well, except for the secret Bungie terminal - that took a few tries. In any case, join them as they start using a script provided by treellama, completely avoid dying at the hands of the Pfhor (!), and encounter the last new enemy of the game. Oh, and they mention Martin's Tour of Duty write-up for the level - that also puts a smile on my face.


ASE - M1 - Level 26 'Try Again'

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