Couch Fishing - Megabattle
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 7/31/13 2:20 p.m.

If you're a skilled Marathoner, you'll know that on Couch Fishing, you can get the enemies in the first pit room to fall down a hole by simply flipping the switch and then turning it off when you hear the elevator go 'thunk'. If you don't know this, go here for a slightly better description and then try it for yourself.

But can you do it with all the pit rooms? Indeed you can. It takes time, but with skill and patience, you can do it. I've only done it on Easy, but I'm sure I can do it on Normal. You'll have to kill the Compilers and anyone that ends up inside the pits (there are several enemies that start off stuck down inside the final pit, but one or two enemies might end up stuck in the later pits, and you'll have to kill them off), but everyone else will drop down and head to the start of the level.

You could always use this to make things easy on yourself, but what's the fun in that? Go back and kill them! Of course, you did bring down everyone that you could, so that's gonna be a lot of killing. Indeed, you'll end up facing more enemies there than just about any other battle in the game. It's not that much fun on Easy, but I bet on Normal or Major Damage (Total Carnage would be suicidal), you could have good fun handling the mass of enemies you've collected for this 'megabattle' (a term I borrowed from Rockslider).

Basically, just run through the level as usual (either via scratch-start or by playing through from the earlier levels to get more goodies for use here) until you reach the area with the switch that opens the hole. Drag everyone back from the rest of the level so they fall into the hole. Here's some helpful tips:

1. Keep your Fist up for the entirety of this part of the work. You only want to hurt or kill enemies when necessary, and the Fist will suffice for most of this. Of course, you may want to soften up enemies, especially if you're trying this on Major Damage or (god forbid) Total Carnage.
2. Stay in view of the enemies you're trying to draw back as much as possible. You want to make sure they don't get stuck or fall into a pit, so it's best if you give them as simple a target as possible. Feel free to drop out of sight to avoid getting hurt or to get a little distance when progressing to the next room.
3. Try to avoid friendly-fire. Fighter and Compiler projectiles have a huge knockback in addition to dealing lots of damage, so they can potentially knock enemies into the pits (trapping them permanently) or, failing that, make them weak and unentertaining when the time to fight comes. Sometimes, a Compiler may hurt a Fighter, drawing his attention and thus causing him to jump into a pit when that Compiler does. I believe this happened to me with two of the Fighters.
4. Don't get jumpy - you don't want to prematurely kill an enemy when you've no reason to. I accidentally did this when rounding the corner with the Orange Fighter, killing him and depriving me of another enemy to fight.

You may want to make constant saves as you're doing the setup, thus allowing you to fix any errors you make along the way. You may also want to keep a save handy to set things up multiple times - this may alter the monster behavior, solving some problems or creating new ones. In all honesty I've only tested this whole thing once, so some of the things in here may not be true or there might be things I simply missed. If you encounter anything different, by all means, post it.

Once you've gotten everyone downstairs, you can save your game again and/or use the 1x Shield Charger in the first pit room. Then, head on down and see if you can find the enemies. On my save, they ended up gathering around the entrance of the third switch room (the one that leads eventually to the pit rooms), with three Fighters becoming truly just stuck inside the entryway:

Firing a shot is all it took to activate this lot and get them unstuck. Once you've got them all following you, do whatever you like - fight them from here, or retreat back to the room with the sunken blue floor before beginning any combat (which is what I pretty much always do). If you retreat at all, I advise you continue to follow tip #2 of the set-up tips, though I'm not exactly sure it's necessary.

I'll continue testing and see what I can find. In the meantime, feel free to try experimenting yourself!


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