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Posted By: MartinDate: 7/28/13 5:09 p.m.

In Response To: Tour of Duty - Eupfhoria *IMGs* (PerseusSpartacus)

: This little ambush at the start is quite dangerous, especially for a
: scratch-starter and/or Vidmaster. However, there's a simple workaround: if
: you jump straight into the room as soon as you open the door, you'll end
: up standing on a glue trigger when the Wasps activate. Something about
: this ends up stopping the Hunters from activating, and you'll only have to
: deal with one that's standing in the corridor leading to the rest of the
: level, so long as you don't go back over the glue trigger.

Never knew that .. haven't looked at the maps in that detail since the '90s and only went as far as wondering what things like glue meant in those days :) ... and now I'd rather SPNKR all of them at close range with the invincibility from Beware....

: Even for someone who's playing through from the previous levels, this level
: is annoying if not deadly. Furthermore, you'll probably find yourself
: returning to the only Pattern Buffer on here… again… and again… and again.
: Think you can 'finish' this level seven times in a single play-through? If
: you're playing Major Damage, that's easy enough, and if you're playing
: Total Carnage, you may start wondering if your constant sense of deja vu
: is from using Pattern Buffers all the time. ;)

The start of this level is possibly as familiar as the run to the exit via invincibility on Try Again!

: If you're attentive, you may also happen to notice the first of the two
: window oddities on this level. If you look through the southern-most of
: the two windows in this section, you'll see the Marathon.

I'm not attentive :(. I went as far as finding that wall corner in PiD's Lock & Load where you could make the walls disappear and see only darkness, but here I don't usually take the time to enjoy the view!

: After going across the Incredibly
: Narrow Staircase™, you'll enter an Incredibly Narrow Corridor™, which
: contains another Hunter. In addition, the part with the tiny pillar also
: contains the secret room with the Flamethrower and Rocket Launcher (point
: A on the map above).

As I said in another post just earlier, I never knew about that! Will have to go check it out. Who left that stuff in a cupboard on the Pfhor ship?? Perhaps that's why we were here? Bernhard??

: As soon as you exit the Incredibly Narrow Corridor™, you'll be faced with a
: polygon that's colored pink (the mark of a teleporter) and some more
: enemies.

Heh last playthrough I totally forgot that was a teleporter to the charger; died before the pattern buffer as a result ><.

: If you're an avid reader of the Marathon Story Page, you'll know the Hound
: was an enemy that got cut from the original game.

That sort of thing I do know .. thanks story page :).

: Not a whole lot of Tru 7 h on this level, and it's hard to say why we're even
: here, really. We haven't seen the cyborg Controller that Durandal
: described, and yet he refuses to take us off the level until we've
: explored everywhere. Either he's got faulty information, or he wants us to
: 'learn' a little more about this place before we kill the Controller. Or
: maybe he messed up and just wants us to think we ended up here on
: purpose? ;)

Indeed. Ain't Got Time Pfhor This!

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